How Will the Metaverse Change the Way We Work?

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Metaverse technology is not yet fully developed, but it is exciting and fast-growing. It will undoubtedly change how and where we work and open more jobs as businesses react.

Companies such as ebb3, a leading specialist in accelerated computing technology, are helping enterprises implement, optimise, and unify a tailored managed service solution. They provide solutions to make the most of fast-moving technology in the workplace, using platforms such as Nvidia Omniverse that enables real time 3D design collaboration in virtual reality, helping drive the benefits of the metaverse for businesses.

What’s the Metaverse?

To fully understand how the metaverse will change and affect how we work, we need to know what we mean by metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact in real-time simulated scenarios and share experiences with other metaverse users.

Gaming and Online Concerts Using the Metaverse

The metaverse concept may have become popular through the demands of gamers to have the most realistic experiences. However, it perhaps took its most significant leap through the devastating effects that the coronavirus pandemic had on live music performances. The metaverse was able to attract enormous audiences for virtual reality events.

Augmented reality is already widely used on social media platforms with filters on many photo apps. Its growing use is now becoming an attraction for many global businesses, including Facebook. They have recently rebranded as Meta in a bid to move into enterprise tech and become a metaverse company. They have introduced Facebook workrooms and use virtual reality more widely as social media pushes the development of the metaverse.

A metaverse alliance launched in South Korea in May 2021 is just one example of using the metaverse within a business. Their platform allows users to share virtual space via digital avatars and engage with each other using the metaverse. South Korea is investing heavily in the infinite possibilities of the digital new world as more of our daily lives move online.

How We Work Is Changing

Businesses are already a vast market for AR and VR platforms, and as the metaverse develops, businesses will have a vast influence on exactly how it develops. Tech companies will compete to dominate the industry, and non-tech companies will be interested in how it can change their operational and revenue opportunities.

Imagine a retail outlet able to sell to customers using a virtual shop, where virtual assistants can help choose products, yet they are working from their homes. This will reduce the need for many in-person interactions to achieve the same or more significant results and will open up freelancing and remote working opportunities as the use of the technology is accepted and grows.

Virtual reality visits can replace site visits and face-to-face meetings. Each visitor can beam themselves into a replicated 3D environment as an avatar or hologram, tracked by a webcam that will animate your avatar as if you were meeting in person. You can work together with others without leaving home.

The future holds many exciting AR and VR metaverse opportunities and the ability to virtualise remote workloads. It is firmly believed that one day, we will see surgery performed using precision robots to carry out operations remotely using a VR device. The scope is endless and pretty exciting.

Are There Any Risks?

Lastly, while there are many benefits to the metaverse, we must touch on security, as without doubt opening up the virtual reality world brings cybersecurity concerns. As users jump between services offered by different companies within the single metaverse, the risk of hackers seems high. Yet, these concerns can be overcome by working with experts in the field from the outset and building a privacy design from scratch.

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