How Your Restaurant Can Provide A Positive Customer Experience

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The happier your restaurant customers are, the better your chances of business success. Why? Because your customers will be more likely to spread positive word about your restaurant, of course, including online where their reviews and social media messages will be glowing rather than negative.

So, what about your customers? Do they have a positive experience when they step through your restaurant doors? Are they leaving glowing reviews on restaurant review sites? Do you need to make any improvements?

Here are just a few of the ways you can provide a stellar customer experience at your restaurant.

#1: Provide excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is a must as the people who visit your restaurant should be treated like VIPs as soon as they walk through the door.

Your front-of-house staff needs to offer a warm and friendly welcome when your customers first enter, and the waiting staff need to be calm and polite, even if when faced with a customer order that is particularly complicated.

If necessary, train your staff in excellent customer service. You could provide this training in-house or you could outsource it to a specialist training provider. Make sensible choices when hiring staff too. Take up references, consider the attitudes of the people you interview, and check they understand the importance of excellent customer service, perhaps by offering role-play scenarios during the interview.

#2: Create a positive atmosphere

Your customers need to enjoy the time they spend in your restaurant. As such, you should do what you can to make them feel relaxed, with calming or uplifting restaurant lounge background music, and friendly staff who make every effort to ensure your customers are comfortable.

Consider the facets of your restaurant décor that can add to a positive atmosphere. We are thinking of warm lighting, calming colours on the walls, and elements of greenery that can enhance your restaurant’s aesthetics. Check out these budget-friendly restaurant interior tips for some useful ideas.

#3: Reduce wait times

When your customers are hungry, they don’t want to be kept waiting for their food. Therefore, you should find ways to reduce wait times to stop your customers from grumbling and to stop their bellies from grumbling too.

You can reduce wait times by making sure you have enough staff in the kitchen and on the dining floor to manage the needs of all of your customers. If you have a booking system in place, you should know how many people you need per shift, so try to schedule your employees accordingly.

If your customers can pre-order their food in advance on your app or website, there will be no need to take their order on their arrival as the chefs will already have an idea of which menu items they need to prepare.

These are just a couple of ways to reduce waiting times but consider what else you could do to speed things up at your restaurant.


We have only touched upon a few ideas here so get together with your restaurant team and discuss other ways to improve the customer experience. By taking the right steps, you will do much to make your customers happy and (hopefully) improve your profit margin if your customers spread word about the amazing time they had in your restaurant.

Image Credits: Petr Sevcovic

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