Improvement Ideas – 5 Simple Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

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When you’ve already invested in a property, unless you are a developer or home DIY enthusiast – you may be wary about spending even more money on its development. In such a crowded housing market, renovations and property improvements really go a long way. By increasing the value of your home, you are able to set your property apart as a more attractive option, to a more expansive range of buyers and lessees willing to pay more.

In comparison to the cost of buying a property, many home improvements are a relatively minor expenditure, which could potentially change your life and get you a return on investment sooner! Follow our guide below for five of the simpler ways to get more value out of your home.

Smarter Security

Many people fail to realize that security systems can increase a property’s value significantly! This does not refer only to substantial security changes like a full-home security system with a series of 24/7 running cameras in all rooms and a crew to monitor them. Starting off with a simple smart door lock and camera will go a long way to creating a safe environment. As smart technology is steadily on the rise and security is ever important, buyers will be increasingly on the lookout for these security features.

Let The Sunshine In

One of the most underrated home features is having a home design that allows for an abundance of natural light! Think about it: Nobody wants to live in a box of shadows, or a cave. Increase the levels of natural light in your home by taking notice of areas of your house that could use some more windows, a skylight or glass features.

Lasting Impressions With Landscaping

Pay attention to the garden landscaping in the front and backyard of your home and note all the improvements you can make. If you’re not a gardener, even better, because your list will likely consist of basic, cost-effective improvements that will catch the eye of any potential buyer. Real estate agents claim garden landscaping can increase a home’s value by 5-20%! The front yard contributes to the first impression of the house from the street, so make it look clean, well-maintained and spruce it up with some colourful or lush green plants. This is a crafty, inexpensive way to increase the first impression and value of your home!

Modernise Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a high traffic area in your house. Everyone uses them, so they’re an important area for potential buyers. After all, who wants to live in a home where they can’t stand using their own toilet or shower? You don’t need to go for a full-on modern bathroom restoration to make an impressionable change. Replace your faucet with a more contemporary design and, if it makes sense, update the vanity at a modest cost. You can revitalize the showerhead to something new, larger or perhaps an option that has variable water-pressure. Updating the shower door before point of sale is another simple way to refresh the look of your bathroom.

A Fix of Fresh Paint

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to up the value of your property is a fresh paint job. Refresh a dated colour scheme or use your external paint hues as a way to blend in (or stand out) more from your neighbourhood with a professional paint job. Some real estate agents claim painting can increase value by up to 5%.

You’ve worked hard to obtain and maintain your property. With these minimal-stress modern updates you can increase its value so you can receive your money’s worth and please your buyers.

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