The Impulse-Buy Imperative – 5 Useless Gadgets That Will Brighten Your Life

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‘What is life without a touch of whimsy?’

Over the course of my life, this little saying has become my personal motto.

It is my belief that the magic, wonderment and fun of childhood should stay with you throughout your life and that is why I am so drawn to the useless gadget. As a chronic gift giver, the look on family and friends faces when they peel open their gift to reveal something that I know will bring a smile to their faces, is the greatest pleasure I know.

This was driven home to me when my best friend was feeling depressed due to some health issues and I knew that a small gift from me would show her that I was thinking of her and wanting to bring a little sunshine into her day. A quick online search brought up the perfect gift for her – a pair of unicorn slippers. The surprise and delight on her face filled me when she opened her gift was priceless and I am now an addicted gift giver.

Allow me to share some of my favourite ‘go to’ places and gifts to bring a little happiness into your life or the life of someone you love.

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen TimerThe Force is Strong in this One…


When gift giving, my first port of call is always something quirky, unique and surprising. Being an aficionado of gadgets, when I found the Star Wars Death Star kitchen timer, I knew I had to have it. My son is a huge Star Wars fan and he was so surprised to get such a unusual, personalised gift and unbelievably, he actually does a bit of cooking now, just to utilise his timer!


Electronic Photo FrameDigital Delight – Electronic Photo Frame


For a gadget buff like me, the digital photo frame is one of the greatest inventions ever! It can store and catalogue hundreds of cherished family photos and display them on a loop 24/7. Whenever I am sitting quietly having a coffee, I am able to watch the slideshow of my life and loved ones scroll past and I can even add music to enhance the experience. Every one of my friends now has one of these amazing photo frames, given to them by me.

Discovery Channel Virtual Reality GlassesVirtually There – 360 degrees of Fun


These Discovery Channel virtual reality glasses would make an amazing gift for anyone with a Smart Phone. Just download the app and the next thing you know the world has opened up to you! With 360 degrees of viewing in 3D. Suitable for all Smartphones with a maximum width 82mm – I want one NOW!

Gun Target Alarm ClockRight on Target – Digital Clock


Whilst perhaps not the most politically correct gift, involving a gun as it does…. This quirky little gadget makes waking up in the morning fun. Imagine the delight on a teenagers face at getting a gift where you have to shoot a target to get your alarm clock to stop ringing! A must have for anyone who has trouble getting the kids up on school days.

Nifty Nail-It Nail HolderNifty Nail-It – Nail Holder


Now here is a little gadget that someone should have come up with years ago. It would have saved me endless pain and frustration when attempting to hammer nails in to hang pictures. This little device will be making it’s way onto the top of my gift list this year.

The above items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inventive, funny and unusual gifts available online. With a little research, the perfect gift is out there – so simple to purchase but so important when presented to that someone special as a gift. Don’t underestimate the power of just showing someone special that you are thinking of them. Make it a priority today!

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