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Business trips are a must in any industry. Short-haul flights are great as you can hop on the next flight after a meeting or two and return home that same evening all wearing the same attire.

Unfortunately, long-haul business trips aren’t as convenient and many wonder what’s appropriate to wear during those long flights. After all, you’re sitting among your peers and you are representing your company. So what do you wear to look professional but still feel comfortable? Today, we will discuss 7 essential things to wear and take along with you on that long flight on a business trip.

Flats, Loafers, Low Wedge Shoes, or Sneakers

Obviously, wearing those “Devil Wears Prada” heels aren’t going to make your feet or calves happy, especially if you never took them off during that 8+ hour flight. I get it, you’re worried about what the people sitting around in business class will say. You’re thinking that they’re thinking, “I wonder what company she works for. So unprofessional kicking off those heels and showing off her bare feet like that.” In reality, they are a) thinking the same thing as you are about them or b) they won’t care.

Let’s just say they may be thinking the same as you. You want to be comfortable while maintaining a professional look. Wear flats, loafers, low wedge shoes or (dare I say) sneakers instead. With a variety of styles and colours, wearing these type of shoes will maintain a professional look without sacrificing comfort (even if you choose to wear sneakers instead.

Just make sure they are clean, you wouldn’t want them to look like you came from jogging in a muddy field somewhere.) After all, the point of the trip is to conduct business, but you won’t be able to concentrate when your feet are feeling achy after a long trip.


A handbag is all the reason to choose a handbag that is stylish, convenient, and practical for the long trip. Womens handbags are a quintessential item with any outfit, professional or otherwise. Consider a handbag that is no larger than 15 inches in height. Using this sized bag will keep your laptop or business paperwork close while allowing room for makeup and other essential travel items as well. A win-win situation, handbags are both stylish and practical. They also have comfort in mind, as you can store it in the space beneath your seat.

Stretchable Work Pants

Maybe your feeling uncomfortable just thinking about wearing a pencil skirt during the long flight. You also feel uncomfortable at the thought of wearing jeans. While wearing a pencil skirt is ideal for short-haul flights, wearing them on longer ones can limit movement. This can leave you feeling utterly exhausted after landing. Jeans are a good option to wear, and many consider it to be acceptable to wear as part of a business casual outfit for long haul business trips.

However, you don’t feel like wearing jeans in business class. So instead, consider wearing stretchable work pants. Wearing stretchable work pants will display professionalism while also allowing you to feel comfortable. They also look great when wearing them with flats, loafers, low wedge shoes, or even sneakers.

Cardigan or Sweater

Cardigans or sweaters are useful in any flight regardless of duration. We all know that the majority of airlines pump extra cold air throughout the cabin during a flight, short or long. So don’t forget to bring a cardigan or sweater to keep you warm. Consider a neutral-coloured cardigan or sweater like grey, black, or brown if you’re concerned about maintaining a professional look. Cardigans are ideal to wear and bring along with you for places where warm weather will greet you as you arrive. So pack up your tight-fitting blazer and put it in your luggage, save it for the meeting.

Hydrating Facial Mist

So now that we’ve talked about your outfit, let’s talk about your skin. A long haul business trip can put stress on anyone, and stress affects your skin. Consider bringing a hydrating facial mist along with you. Not only will it feel refreshing, but it will also moisturize your skin during and after a long flight. After all, you don’t want to walk into a meeting looking dead tired from the flight.

Lip Balm

In addition to bringing a hydrating facial mist, always carry a lip balm with you on long-haul business trips. Lips get chapped from the dry air inside the plane, leaving them sensitive, painful, and really dry. So don’t forget to bring some lip balm with you so you can stay engaged during a business meeting without feeling uncomfortable.

Foldable or Collapsible Travel Pillow

Now I know you’ll be sitting in business class, which usually these days have the new seats that turn into beds. However, bringing your own travel pillow will always feel more comfortable (not to mention hygienic) during a long trip. A foldable or collapsible travel pillow is practical and convenient. You can store it after use without taking up so much room, and again, way more hygienic since you are the only one who will be using it.

These are only to mention the top 7 essentials to wear and bring with you for a long flight on a business trip. So be comfortable without looking unprofessional, and remember to drink plenty of water to help alleviate jet lag.

Image Credits: Hessam Hojati

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