In Your Style: 10 Ways to Customize a Dirtbike

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Riding a dirtbike creates an adrenaline rush like no other. Whether this is your first bike or one of many, you’ll want to make sure it stands out of the crowd. There are many ways riders can customize their dirtbikes. Here a few options to consider:

  1. Go Bold with Graphics

Adding graphics is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to personalize your dirtbike. There are many different graphics kits available, and custom orders are also popular. After installation, high-quality graphics can endure even the harshest, most extreme riding conditions.

  1. Add a New Coat of Paint

If you prefer a single, all-over color, consider a new paint job. Chrome paint is the most popular option for dirtbikes. This type of paint is both high-shine and extremely durable. There are many colors available, from basic black to intense cobalt. Spray chrome paint is the perfect option to make your handlebars or rims dazzle.

  1. Light Up the Road

Visibility is of the utmost importance when riding a dirtbike. Installing custom lights is perhaps the easiest way to make your ride more visible to others. Consider adding light strips or pencil-beam driving lights. There are countless lighting options for dirtbikes. Not only will more lights help you see the road better, but they will make it safer to ride on dark, overcast days.

  1. Get a Hotter Grip

Having a firm grip on the handlebars is a must, but as any rider knows, cold, icy grips are never pleasant. Consider replacing your current grips with heated ones. When the temperature drops, you’ll be able to enjoy riding without wearing heavy, thick, and bulky gloves. Heated grips will improve make holding the handlebars enjoyable no matter the weather.

  1. Take a Seat

Hard dirtbike seats are a real pain. There’s nothing worse than riding with a bruised tailbone out in the middle of nowhere. Instead of suffering through the pain, upgrade to a more comfortable saddle. Look for a seat that has added cushioning and better support. You can even buy a saddle that matches the color of your bike.

  1. Upgrade the Tires

High-quality tires are a must, especially if you like to go biking on rough, rocky terrain. Many riders choose to upgrade to wider tires with thicker treads. These tires help improve balance and provide better traction. However, if you frequently ride on soft, muddy tracks, you may prefer the maneuverability of narrow tires.

  1. Announce Your Arrival

Customized exhaust systems will ensure everyone can hear your coming and going. Not only does this enhance the riding experience, but louder pipes also make other drivers aware of your presence. The right exhaust pipes can even give your horsepower an added boost.

  1. Widen the Foot Pegs

When riding, your feet must rest on the footpegs at all times. However, standard footpegs may lead to cramping and discomfort. Installing aftermarket pegs with a wider platform will increase comfort. They will also provide a firmer grip and give the rider better control on the road.

  1. Stay Bug-Free

It’s impossible to avoid every bug while cruising on your dirtbike. However, the right windshield can help keep your face bug-free. A high-quality windshield will also protect your body from high winds and reduce rider fatigue. Some windshields will even keep you warmer during nighttime rides.

  1. Listen to Some Tunes

Sound systems aren’t just for car and truck drivers. You can even install a high-power sound system on your dirtbike. Satellite radio, FM radio, and CB radio are some of the most popular. Speakers, amps, and soundbars will enhance your musical experience. Get ready to ride along to your favorite tunes.

Create a Dirtbike That’s All Your Own

While any dirtbike is fun to own, there’s something even better about riding a fully customized bike. When it comes to upgrading your dirtbike, the sky is the limit. Best of all, you can make a few changes along the way until you design the dirtbike of your dreams.

Image Credits: Bradley Ziffer

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