Industries and Businesses That Have Benefitted from Digital Marketing

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Since the turn of the century, and certainly since the introduction of the internet, marketing has been transformed into the digital era. Long gone are the days of physical marketing with leaflets and flyers, as we now experience marketing all around us through technology on the internet through search engines, social media, video content, and many more avenues. Businesses now are having to supply a large part of their marketing budgets to the digital sides of things, to ensure that they don’t get left behind, but which industries and businesses have been able to benefit the most from this shift to digital marketing.

One industry that certainly has been able to benefit from digital marketing is that of retail, with majority of consumers doing their retail shopping online, rather than on the high-street. Everywhere we turn on the internet are forms of advertising for our favourite clothes and brands, and these types of remarketing skills used through cookies has enabled big businesses like ASOS to thrive. Not only that, but due to the competitiveness of the market, this has driven down the costs of goods for consumers too which is a win-win for all parties.

Another industry that has been able to benefit from the digital marketing world has been the gambling industry, with more punters now looking to use online alternatives with information about gambling on, rather than visiting land-based casinos and bookies. Although digital marketing might be slightly more difficult for gambling affiliates to advertise due to regulations, gambling companies are now able to offer a range of welcome bonuses, huge range of games, and endless amounts of fun on their markets due to the low costs of running and maintaining a website, and this is a reason for many land-based alternatives shutting down for good.

And finally, other forms of entertainment have also been able to benefit from the rise of digital marketing, especially through social media now as singers, bands, authors, actors, film directors and many more forms of creatives are now able to promote their upcoming content through digital marketing, in which consumers can then send and share their favourites with their friends and family. This has created endless loops of word-of-mouth marketing and is a great way in which hype can be created through upcoming launches, and something in which we are now seeing creatives benefit highly from due to the use of digital marketing. One of the best things about digital marketing is that data can all be tracked through analytics and therefore advertising campaigns can then be analysed to see how effective they have been.

Image Credits: Dominika Roseclay

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