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The world is constantly evolving, and the interior design industry is not being left behind. Every year, new designs gain popularity among interior design enthusiasts and influencers. This year’s trends reflect the ideals of preceding years and projections for the future.

Warmer Colour Pallet

In 2022, people spend more time at home and want décor they can continuously admire. As a result, the taste is shifting away from the neutral colour with a dash of boldness that the previous years characterised. Instead, people are moving towards warmer tones on the colour palette.

Interior design trends this year are moving from black and white as neutral colours to beige and brown. Instead of having a dash of colour with an accent chair or similar accessories, the current trend tends to blend everything in harmony. The colour theme resonates well with people who always love to feel relaxed in their homes.

Earthy Tones

Another trend this year is the preference for earthy tones. Interior design influencers have a remarkable appreciation of earthy colours like green and brown. Homes and offices are now being decorated with plants instead of flowers.

Similarly, paintings now reflect the diversity of the outside world. In a setting focused on earthy tones, paintings are usually of woods, forests, deserts, and sometimes, bodies of water. The colour scheme and design make people feel connected to nature.

Workspace at Home

The world is gradually shaking off the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is an arduous task. Moreover, the pandemic has left us with consequences we will have to deal with moving forward. One such consequence is the need or desire to work from home.

Many people have adapted to working from home. However, these people must bring their work home and harmonise the two. To strike a balance, many people have created personalised workspaces at home. You can consider whether you will work more from home when designing your home for the new season.

Curved Lines and Edges

People learn about new interior design trends from showrooms and influencers’ pages. You will notice a shift from straight and sharp ends to curved lines and edges in this category. This design gives the room a softer look that is visually appealing to people who love comfort and safety.

Maximalist Style

Minimalism has always been a staple in interior design. The monochrome colours have survived centuries, but people are getting bolder in their styles. The colours are getting brighter and more attention-grabbing. This shift to maximalism, where people use bold colours and statement accessories. Whether this style lasts or fizzles away with the year is left to be seen.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Recently, people have taken sustainability goals more seriously, and the interior design sector has followed this trend. Interior designers are opting for furniture made with eco-friendly materials. Cotton is becoming a preferred fabric, and natural materials like wood are used in furniture making.


This year, the interior design trends are focusing on personalising a space to suit the owner’s new lifestyle. Interior designers are always on their toes and know the latest preferences of homeowners and enthusiasts. They need to know what is selling in the showrooms and what people say on social media.

Image Credits: 1825 Interiors

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