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Recently I interviewed one of Liverpool’s more popular singer-songwriters, Ali Ingle. Ali is well known for his poetic song lyrics that usually tend to drag you in, even on the worst of days. With his charismatic personality and witty wisdom shown throughout his songs, you’re bound to find something to enjoy with his music. See what Ali had to say about his new EP, his first gig experience, and also what message he is trying to send through his lyrics.

Keri Salazar: Growing up in the North-West of England, what would you say caused to realise that music was your passion and something which you wanted to pursue?
Ali Ingle: The place and the people around me wasn’t very open-minded. There wasn’t a great deal of hope or imagination so music was my way out.

KS: What are your thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s surprisingly smart vision for a new version of MySpace based around artist discovery and artist syndication?
AI: It’s a great idea and everything but I just cant see anyone running back to MySpace in a hurry. I’ll update my Bebo account before I do that.

KS: Which music artists do you listen to on a weekly basis?
AI: I change a lot, really. At the moment I’m listening to the new Killers album, which I can’t stop playing, and a lot of Alt-J.

KS: Your videos are very original, have you done much in the visual arts before?
AI: Thank you! No, but I’m a big film fan. I always have been. I just kind of take inspiration from my favourite films and just get stuck in.

KS: What has been the biggest challenge in the creative process for you?
AI: I think most things have been challenging at first. I’m at the point now where everyone is a critic. I find it hard taking criticism on creativity but it’s definitely something I have to learn to live with.

KS: Do you self-produce at home? What’s your DAW of choice?
AI: I do not. I know little to nothing about recording. I just know what I like to hear and where I like to hear it! My producer and friend Rich Turvey deals with all that.

KS: What are your thoughts on streaming music in terms of business model?
AI: I think it’s a great idea. As long as people listen to an artists music then that should be enough, and if it then persuades someone to go buy the album then even better.

KS: Some music artists complain about Apple Inc. taking a 30% slice on iTunes music sales, yet considering there’s no manufacturing or distribution costs, and they have an unrealistic idea of how much money a major label would give them, what are your thoughts on the percentages?
AI: Percentages can cause a lot of arguments. I try to sort things out up front so there are no feuds later on. But when it comes to the big companies you can just like it or lump it. A true artist doesn’t care about percentages, but I do believe strongly in people getting what is owed to them.

KS: A lot of individuals are complaining about how the new iTunes Store design limits the discovery of new music artists and apps, how do you feel about the new iTunes Store for discovering new artists?
AI: I honestly never go to iTunes looking for new artists so I wouldn’t know. I only ever go on there to buy music I’ve heard already, And there are so many other sites and ways of discovering new music anyway.

KS: What do you think about the future of CD and vinyl sales will be? Do you think digital music will ever completely replace these formats?
AI: I think for sake of nostalgia we will always have old formats. Digital music is so much easier to pass around and create but even that will probably be improved into a new format.

KS: What message are you hoping your listeners receive through your music?
AI: As corny as it sounds, I just want to inspire hope and make people want to go out and be creative. Realise that there is more to life and to try to be more open-minded.

KS: What can we expect from you in the near future? Are you planning any upcoming releases or tours?
AI: I have a new EP which will be released this month and some new videos coming soon. As well as gigs and more all featured on

Do you find it more difficult to compose a song or record a song?
AI: Compose definitely. With composing you’re creating something from nothing, with recording you already have the base to work with. But both can be extremely challenging.

KS: What got you into the mindset of being an independent artist? Would you ever want to part ways with being an independent artist and start or join a band?
AI: I guess it was just that I didn’t need anyone else. I wrote the songs and sung them perfectly fine on my own and the idea of having to take care of more people than just myself seemed too much of a headache.

KS: If you did not pursue a career in music, what other career would you pursue?
AI: Astronaut! Ahh, I would love to be an astronaut. I guess realistically though I would love to go into film.

KS: We see you just released your new EP, The Man and The monster. Throughout the process of writing and recording, who or what was your biggest inspiration?
AI: The place and the people around me. I just wrote what I felt at the time and recorded with so many amazing people who really helped make it what it was. Being my first release, it was a big deal for me. I was just glad it got such a warm response.

KS: What was your first gig experience? Do you remember how you felt when it was over?
AI: It was a gig I played in a very small pub in Warrington called The Coach and Horses. I took all my friends, family, and a girl I was trying to pull at the time, haha. I felt so happy after it, like important or something stupid like that.

KS: What band or artist has influenced your music the most?
AI: David Gray would be my biggest inspiration. The first songwriter I ever really got into. He just spoke a lot of sense to me.

KS: What are some of your favorite things about performing on stage?
AI: The attention. [Laughter] Sounds so bad but it’s true.

KS: How has your music evolved since you first started playing?
AI: It’s definitely grown as I have. It’s just become more relevant and more thought out.
KS: Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Ali! Also, have a very happy birthday today! Definitely looking forward to hearing your new EP!

Ali Ingle’s new EP, Magic In the Mundane will be available to stream for free all day tomorrow on his YouTube account and also on his website.


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