Isolation Busters – 4 Unique Ways to Put the “Social” in Social Distancing

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It feels like all we’ve done this year read the latest pandemic news while falling further into isolation. Social distancing in the physical sense may be necessary right now, but that doesn’t mean we should also become emotionally distant from those around us. That’s why today we’ll be exploring five unique ways to put the social in social distancing:

Knowledge is Power

Since remote learning is now the norm, many students are feeling a little left out in their friend groups. This can quickly snowball into them falling behind in their studies.

If you or your child fall into the second category, it may be worth looking into online tutors. Not only will they be able to help with getting studies back on track, but they can also provide some much-needed interaction with someone who isn’t part of the household.

Having regular sessions can also help maintain a sense of routine, which is generally noted as being positive for our wellbeing.

Dinner for Two

Yes, we’re all sick of video conference dinner dates, but it looks like they’ll be around a while, so we’ll just have to embrace them.

A fun way to make your video chat feel like a real date is to order matching gourmet hampers and light some candles. Since they’re filled with delicious nibbles (and your choice of adult beverage if desired), nobody has to cook. This will help you feel like you’re actually out on a date, and the candles will add some intimacy to the atmosphere.

While this obviously won’t be as good as sitting face to face with your loved one, it could be the next best thing. Since hampers come fully assembled, you can easily recreate the experience for real whenever you’re allowed to.

Start a Community Plant Swap

Most of us have at least one plant in our home or garden that can have cuttings propagated from it. Why not turn those extra offshoots into a way to connect with your local community?

Place cuttings in little cups either on or just in front of your fence, and encourage others in your local area to do the same. People can pick up some lovely new plants when they take a stroll, and you can all feel a little more connected in a safe, contact-free way.

Visit Your Dentist

This one may seem strange, and admittedly, it is a little, but we did promise you that we’d give you some unique ways to get your socialization! Having said that, now is the perfect time to visit your dentist for a lovely teeth whitening treatment or any other work you might need to have done. It’s probably the closest you’ll be allowed to get to a random human for a while, and it comes with some great health and hygiene benefits.

These four tips may not have been what you were expecting, but we did promise you some unique ways to put the social in social distancing, and we’ve certainly done that. Things are different this year, and we all need to find new ways to stay connected.

While the situation is about as far from ideal as possible, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still find ways to maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as our relationships with those closest to us.

Keep video chatting and getting outdoor exercise with the members of your household. Most importantly, keep your head high. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little extra help, and we will all get through this as long as we support each other.

Image Credits: Adam Solomon

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