JD Takes China Logistics Ecosystem Development to the Next Level

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JD.com officially started its operations after being launched by Richard Liu, popularly known as Liu Qiangdong, in 2004. This marked the beginning of the e-commerce business, mainly selling electronic products. In 2016, the company registered its highest net revenues, which amounted to $37 billion.

Having been registered to trade on NASDAQ in mid-2014, this Beijing-based company has attracted over 441 million active clients. In 2019, the company collected revenues worth $83.5 billion.

As an experienced founder and chairman of JD China Logistics, Mr. Liu has managed the company to where it is today. In fact, it stands out as the world’s largest and first-ever online business platform mandated to control the EPAL (the European Pallet Association).

Typically, EPAL has since 1991 existed as an open pooling unit for logistics carriers. Plus, it is responsible for ensuring that the EPAL load carriers are of the highest quality. This unit also counter-checks producers and repairers from around the world. Thus, it awards EPAL licenses to those who meet the required standards. Today, this body boasts over 1500 licensed repair and production operations in more than thirty countries.

The strategic partnership between JD.com and this leading shipping pallets industry aims at facilitating the distribution of EPAL pallets all over China. This is done through the JD Cloud Box, a logistics transaction platform developed by JD Logistics.

Besides doing that, the JD Cloud Box provides repair and leasing services to other businesses in China. Moreover, it offers an online podium to convey instantaneous data and dealings related to EPAL. As a result, the effectiveness of the engineering and supplying pallets ultimately increases.

Generally, JD China Logistics has commitments to advocating for a sustainable supply chain, not just in China but also worldwide. Similarly, they have dreams and plans of making JD Cloud Box the global leader in the online exchange platform for interchangeable logistics vessels.

Other than that, JD Cloud Box intends to use EPAL’s items all over the supply chain system as a typical logistics shipper. Besides, the products rendered by EPAL will get integrated into all of JD’s inter-boarder shipping operations.

According to Jie Ji, JD Cloud Box’s head, the new partnership with EPAL gives the company a better opportunity of making China’s shipping industry the world’s most intelligent leader.

Apart from that, Mr Ji stated that achieving reliable and convenient access to top-quality pallets whenever the need arises is pretty critical to enhancing a highly functioning and efficient supply chain ecosystem. Therefore, the company strives to make its JD Cloud Box incredibly convenient for nearly all the companies across China. The ultimate aim for this is to use EPAL’s products in every operation. Also, it will help boost China’s logistics industry as a whole.

Robert Hollinger, EPAL’s president, also noted that JD is a great partner for introducing their company into China’s local pallet market. JD.com is well-known for its long record-breaking commitment to quality and desire for self-development.

Therefore, this countrywide logistics network has strengthened its trusted reputation among the customers and similar businesses. Merging their high-quality identical pallets with JD’s rich native proficiency, the JD Cloud Box platform can undoubtedly transform China’s future logistics industry.

That said, JD.com is a special company of its kind. It serves as an e-commerce and direct sales company in China and the rest of the world. Moreover, it offers a wide array of products through mobile applications and websites. For instance, the company sells computers, electric appliances, communication, and other digital products. Also, they offer books, household items, and garments for sale to retailers and customers. Their great advancements continue to contribute a lot to the China Logistics industry.

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