Know the Difference Between Container Storage and Self Storage

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Different needs of people have created a market for different storage systems. The options can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing as well, especially if you are new to it.

If you are looking for specific options to store your belongings, this article has most of your concerns covered. At trustworthy sites, you can learn more about how top services cater to their customer’s storage needs. Whether you are looking for self-storage, warehousing or any other kind of stowing facilities, consider selecting only top services for a good experience.

Identify your needs

The first step to finding the best stowing facility for your needs is to first make a checklist of everything you want to pack away. This will enable you to figure out a suitable stowing facility.

Both containers as well as self-stowing services are great options, but one may suit your needs better than the other. We’ve highlighted both the facilities and sketched out some differences between the systems to enable our readers to make a comprehensive decision on which one to choose.

The container storage

Having derived its identity from the shipping containers that one could rent and store goods in, the box packaging facility hasn’t changed much. Usually, a great system for outdoor stowing, you can rent containers of any shapes and sizes. These are mostly placed in remote locations such as gated compounds and warehouses.

With negligible or no overheads to be taken into consideration, the cost of renting the container storage facility is cheap. Also, accessibility to the chosen site is likely to be less restricted as compared to a self-storage unit. In the case of the latter facility, especially those equipped with additional features such as climate control and on-site staff may have heightened security.

What to expect from box stowage providers?

If you’ve opted for organized box stowing services, here are the amenities to look for.

  • Boxes from the provider
  • Provisions for bubble wrap too for secure packing and storage
  • You can expect the provider to collect the boxes and transport them to the location
  • Some companies may also make arrangements to return any item you want the following day. Yes, you may have to contact the provider and request them for delivery.

How much does it cost?

Typically, most container stowing providers tend to fix a rate per box. You can check with your provider if they include both for picking and returning a cost or for individual services. If you are planning to retrieve your containers more often, it may cost you more. On the other hand, storing for a longer duration may cost you just the storing charges and no extras.

Benefits of container loading

Among some of the top advantages of hiring a box storage service will be the convenience of transporting your belongings. Neither will you have to carry any box nor organize their return as the hired agency will be collect and well as make provisions for return as requested.

The second benefit is that of price. With the cost of storage calculated per container, you can choose a small or big box as required to stack your belongings. However, that said, there are a few factors to be aware of when opting for the box storage services.

  • The items that you seal and sent for stowing won’t be visible to you.
  • Although the company may enable CCTV monitoring you may not have the advantage of an additional security staff guarding the area where the boxes are stacked.
  • It may get difficult to access or call back your belongings as it will cost you to recall the stored items.

Self-storage and its pros

Distinct from box stowing, self-storage allows users to locate a specific stowing location, like the various self storage units St George has to offer.

You can select a size that fits your belongings and carry these to the unit. Your belongings can be packed and stored in the chosen unit for as long as you rent the place. Such units are easily accessible.

So, you can personally walk up to the facility unit, add or remove anything you wish to. Unlike the box stowing amenity, here you will be paying for the unit which is likely to be calculated per square foot.

You can expect most self-stacking units to have a basic security protocol to monitor the stored goods. CCTV is common. Also, the entrance to such units is equipped with padlocked doors. You will spot an on-site security staff outside the unit. Popular providers can cater to customized needs. Hence, you can hire a space that befits your requirements.

From a locker unit to big garage space, you can check-in your belongings to units that are fully regulated. You can opt for the climate-controlled facility that ensures better stowing conditions for your possessions.

Pros of self-storage

Self-storage enables more flexibility. Yes, with open access to your belongings, you can freely add or take anything from your stored possessions as and when you like. Of course, you can choose a unit size that you need but even better is that you can stack away your things into a bigger facility if you feel the need.

Moreover, you can hire self-storage units for less than a week to as long as you want, thus allowing for convenience depending on your requirements. For instance, if you are moving an office or house, you can simply hire one of these services to house your things in a self-stowing unit and access the unit to either take out or dump more as needed. Check out ideas on how to store your goods at

A drawback of this facility is that you will have to arrange for transportation of your possessions to the hired unit on your own. There are many such services available such as a van hire service, but then it will your onus to stack or collect from the unit.

Regardless of the unit that you choose to stack away your possessions, don’t forget to ensure security and the locking mechanisms. With a safe that’s well secured, you can be sure that your items won’t be misplaced or stolen. A good market survey can help you locate a reliable service provider for your storage needs.

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