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There are various ways to treat your hair, but there are only a few hair routines that bring actual results. The LCO method is that type of hair routine. It is a simple method that consists of using three types of products. These are liquids, creams, and oils. You can learn more about LCO method and benefit from it in a short time. Use this hair routine to improve the volume and thickness of your hair.

Using LCO Method

The LCO method is all about using products you can identify as liquids, creams, and oils. The whole hair routine revolves about using those products in that particular order. While it may sound complex, it is one of the simplest haircare routines. Wash your hair first to remove build-up, then apply the liquid. Apply the cream and leave it in your hair, then use the oil. Leave the oil to soak into the hair, and you have done the LCO method.

The advantage of the LCO method is that it is perfect for beginners and women with experience alike. It could be an excellent first step into the world of natural hair. Also, it is a simple solution for women looking to take care of their natural hair.

The disadvantage of the LCO method is that it lacks a pre-shower routine. Therefore, you may fail to get other benefits available with additional products in the pre-shower routine.

When you consider everything, the LCO method remains one of the best hair routines you can use for natural hair.

Hair Routines

Commitment to your haircare routine is the key to success when you go natural. When you work with natural hair and the LCO method, you want to increase moisture in low porosity hair.

Depending on the type of products you use, you can achieve a specific effect. While the LCO method is simple, the thing that makes it complex is your choice of products. It is necessary to invest time in learning about hair products to get the results you want.


Always start with the liquids first. Liquids refer to leave-in conditioners, or just water, which will hydrate your hair. Of course, there are other types of liquids you can use. However, if you are a beginner, stick with leave-in conditioners.

Leave-in conditioners are standard in haircare, and you can get them anywhere. Also, you can find leave-in conditioners for specific hair types. That also works in your favour if you have a rare hair type.

Another excellent thing about leave-in conditioners is that they are a product with a general purpose. Almost any leave-in conditioner may work for your hair.

Of course, the best scenario is to look for a leave-in conditioner for your hair type and the hairstyle you want. Even if you are unable to find a specific leave-in conditioner, pick an organic brand product.


Then, look for creams. Often, creams work as sealants for moisture. The reason why most women use creams is due to how easily you can find them. Also, you can get creams for specific hair types, which allows you to get the hairstyle you want.

However, you can use other forms of moisturizers or products instead of creams. The problem with other creams is that you won’t know how they’ll work with your hair until you try them.

If you want to stabilize your hair, use moisturizers as a part of the routine. Also, avoid switching hair products for a few months after you pick a cream.


Finally, you want to find oils to complete your routine. The best thing about oils is that there are many oils on the market you can purchase. However, in the beginning, go with jojoba oil or coconut oil. You can find these oils in most stores, and you can apply them raw on the hair.

Later on, you can try black castor oil or even butter. Unlike liquids and creams, you can keep using a specific oil for as long as you like. Also, never skip the use of oils. Oils are the most nutritive element of the LCO method. Once you get the basics down, it is time to experiment with your hair routine.

Experiment with Hair Routines

After a few months, you can switch up the products you use. You may start with subtle changes, like changing the leave-in conditioner or cream you use. Then, keep track for a month or two of how your hair changes. If you see a lack of results, return to the previous hair product, or try another. If another combination of hair products lacks results, try the previous method again.

The advantage of the LCO method is that it is simple but versatile. You get to know and test more hair products the longer you use the LCO method. All you have to do is to try it.

Try LCO Method

The LCO method is a simple but effective hair routine. Unlike other hair routines, you can start using the LCO method as soon as you decide to embrace your natural hair. After a while you can enjoy hair that is healthier and has more volume.

Image Credits: Ron Lach

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