Looking for the Latest Red Hot Ray-Bans? Check These Out

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Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras

Summer is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe and even more importantly, all those sexy accessories that will WOW your friends. If you are looking for the latest red hot Ray-Bans, check out some of the following. Not only are they the latest arrivals from an industry leader, but they are too hot for comfort! You think the sun is hot? Wait until you’re seen in these red hot Ray-Bans from the UK’s own Red Hot Sunglasses.

Oversized Clubmaster for the Player in You

Well, it isn’t right to call this dude a ‘player’ but if he wasn’t married, we could envision this American hottie as a player! Check out Scott Porter who plays George Tucker in the US television series Heart of Dixie. Seen here in his Oversize Clubmaster shades by Ray-Ban, you can see why all the real-life players own at least one pair in one colour. Women find the demi shiny black frame with brown pink mirrored lenses especially sexy. Who says guys can’t wear pink?

Erika Sunglasses in Amazing Colours

If guys can wear pink, then girls can wear blue, right? So much for double standards! The latest rage for women wearing shades is finding bright colours that offer total UV protection like the Erika Sunglasses in Shiny Black Light Green Blue Mirror. Not looking for blue as it won’t complement all your summer wardrobe? Try the same Erika style but with a light brown gold mirror lens. The ladies love those mirrored lenses because they can follow the hottest guys with their eyes and no one will be any the wiser. What do you see when you look into her eyes when she’s wearing Erika shades by Ray-Ban? Your own eyes of course!

Double Bridge Metal Square for that Oh-So Sexy Appeal

Ah, there is nothing sexier than a man wearing wire-rimmed shades and the Double Bridge Metal Square shades by Ray-Ban fit that image perfectly. The colour trending this year in shades is Gunmetal and so that seems to be the frame colour forecast to be among the hottest sellers in this particular style as well as in any other pair of sunglasses out there. Something about Gunmetal is just too sexy for words. Also available in new arrivals would be those with a black grey green mirror lens but either the Gunmetal or Black frames are going to be hot, hot, hot this year.

When it comes to finding the perfect sunglasses, it is never too early to begin looking for new arrivals and what is trending. Yes, it’s only just spring but the weather turns hot quite quickly. With the right Ray-Bans, you will turn hot right along with the climate and that isn’t an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. No company could have stayed in business for as long as Ray-Ban unless they had quality and trendy shades year after year. Looking for the perfect sunglasses for 2015? Try the latest arrivals from Ray-Ban.

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