Looking Great on a Shoestring Budget

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You might tell yourself that you don’t have a sense of fashion and don’t really care about the clothes you wear, but everyone in the world has some tastes when it comes to clothing. Some people prefer to buy brand names, some like to show off their hobbies and interests with their shirts and others just prefer something plain and simple so that they don’t stand out.

Whatever your tastes are or what your current wardrobe is filled with, you might think that looking great (especially with the summer coming up) is expensive and difficult. You might not enjoy coordinating your clothes or you might have no idea about colour psychology in clothing, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can still look fantastic on a shoestring budget.

To help you out, we’ve put together this helpful guide that will teach you how to pay less for the clothes you love.

Put away the trendy magazines and remove those fashion bookmarks

Unless they’re magazines and websites about how to look good on a budget, avoid them. The last thing you want is some pretentious magazine telling you that you can’t look great without a three-digit price tag attached to all of your clothing. The less influence there is on you, the more you can focus on actually looking great in your own eyes. This is far better than following the tastes of a magazine editor or writer that lives off high-end fashion.

Look online when buying your clothing and products

Be it cheap underwear or foreign skincare products, you can generally find everything on the internet for much lower prices than what a store would charge (unless there’s a sale!). However, you might be worried that you can’t return certain pieces of clothing or you might be worried about sizes being inaccurate. To remedy this, make sure you take your own measurements and look at the website for a size chart. If the item arrives and it’s still not the right size, colour or you want to return it, then make sure the site you purchase from has a returns policy.

Don’t be afraid of looking through thrift stores and charity shops

People will tell you that you can’t find a bargain in a thrift store, especially with clothing, but you’d be surprised at just how cheap it can be to go thrift shopping. What you’re looking for isn’t the regular type of clothing, but unique pieces, old styles and garments from well-known brands and clothing that has been kept away in storage and unused. You might be worried about wearing someone’s old clothing, but with a wash and some care, it’ll be as good as new and you’ll have picked up a bargain.

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to look great on a shoestring budget. As long as you’re frugal about what you purchase and look around for great deals, you’ll find plenty of fantastic deals both over the internet and in local stores.

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