Maintain and Experience: 6 Ways to Improve Living in Apartments

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Living in an apartment has many advantages over residing in a standalone home. It can be an amazing experience if you’re living in a really nice one, such as a sierra apartment, for example. Like anything else though, your apartment needs to be well maintained and looked after so you can continue to enjoy a positive lifestyle.

Let’s cover some practical tips on maintaining your apartment, as well as improving your experience of apartment living.

#1 – Create a List of Daily and Weekly Chores

Staying on top of general cleaning is the most common and effective way to ensure your apartment is a space you look forward to coming home to. Clean, organized and hygienic always induces a pleasant atmosphere and makes you feel right at home.

The fridge is always a handy place to post a to do list. Some small chores, such as washing dishes and making the beds, will be done daily, but others might only need to be taken care of weekly. Vacuuming the floors might be one such chore that you would target weekly.

Having lists as reminders and delegating certain tasks to members of the household means your apartment will always look great.

#2 – Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Generally speaking, apartments are smaller than standalone houses in many cases. Therefore, you don’t want to have too many items cluttering up your usable space. Not only will a lot of clutter give the illusion that your apartment is smaller than what it actually is, it also makes it harder (and take longer) to clean.

Clutter attracts dust, and also looks rather congested and untidy when there is too much of it about. With apartment living, less is more tends to work best.

#3 – Set a Drain Cleaning Maintenance Schedule

One rather common maintenance problem that seems more prevalent in apartments is the problem of slow or blocked drains. However, you don’t have to wait for a drain to block up before you do something about it. Preventing blockages is the best solution, and you can achieve this in a number of ways.

When it comes to bathrooms, one of the main culprits with blocked shower and basin drains is human hair, especially long hair. It acts as a net for everything to get tangled up in. The covers for most shower drains can be removed, so getting rid of any hair build up is usually a simple process.

Baking soda is a fantastic natural drain cleaner. Pour half a cup of baking soda down each drain once a month and let it sit for twenty minutes or so. This practice will help prevent blocked drains.

#4 – Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

While many apartments have some carpet, there are others that are all tile floors. Even still, you’ll likely have large rugs on the floors in some of the rooms.

Vacuuming only solves part of the cleaning problem when it comes to carpets and rugs. Dust, grime and bacteria builds up in the fibers, so every now and then you should have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. This will keep them looking and smelling great, as well as healthy and hygienic.

#5 – Strategically Use Mirrors to Give the Illusion of More Space

Mirrors are beautiful, handy, and something that will never go out of style. Not only do mirrors look attractive in practically any room, large mirrors placed in strategic locations can make a small room appear much bigger.

If the apartment you live in is only small, then consider installing some extra mirrors to give the illusion of a larger, less claustrophobic space.

#6 – Buy a Sofa Bed

Why buy a sofa bed when living in an apartment? Because you’re likely short on some bedroom space, so when you have guests stay over, rather than requiring an extra bedroom with bedding, simply pull out the sofa bed in the living room and you instantly have a double bed for your guests.

Sofa beds are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in an apartment, and well worth considering.

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