Who are the Property Brothers and What Do They Do?

While some TV shows hit the big time and capture the imagination of Americans from start to finish, others go under the radar. It’s fair to say that Property Brothers falls into the latter category. However, reality shows have only grown in popularity over the years, and everybody loves to look at homes across North America.

How does that home compare to mine? Does it have features that I would like in a future home? What are people spending on properties? Am I happy with my current property or should I think about moving?

Property Brothers is a Canadian TV show about twin brothers who have many years of experience in the real estate market. While one twin, Drew Scott, is the real estate guru, Jonathan Scott is a contractor. As you’ve probably guessed, Jonathan looks for neglected homes and deals with this side of things while Drew works his magic and renovates the property into something special.

The Property Brothers offer professional property management services, and have helped many families to find a property and get onto the property ladder. They help to scout properties, purchase a new home, and transform it into something liveable in the years ahead.

The reason Property Brothers has done so well over the years is the sense of intrigue that viewers have. As a nation, we like to watch mundane TV shows where everything is relatable.

Most people like to watch others going through the process of buying and renovating a home. While some people pick up tips and tricks, others just like to be nosy and watch as homes are transformed. For others, it’s the feel-good sensation as participants move into their dream home.

Who are the Property Brothers?

So, you know what they do. But who are the Property Brothers? Over the years, the TV show has aired over 170 episodes across seven seasons (13 in the United States due to broadcasting differences). However, both brothers first tried to enter the TV industry as actors.

If you want to see them in action, you might have to work hard but you’ll see them in small roles in Smallville, Breaker High, and The X-Files. Both brothers took an interest in real estate, and they purchased their first property when only 18 years of age. After making some renovations, they sold the property and made a profit of around $50,000.

This success made them hungry for more and they continued to work on small projects until founding Scott Real Estate in 2004. At the head of the company, they managed teams buying, renovating, and then selling both commercial and residential properties. Soon enough, they had offices in Calgary, Las Vegas, and Vancouver.

Despite this success, both brothers were still passionate about making it onto the screen as actors. Drew sought this path perhaps with more vigour than Jonathan, but it eventually paid off in 2009 when talks began about a potential TV show. Rather than acting, they would focus on their business and renovate properties. By the time of the first episode, they had 15 years of experience in the field and Property Brothers was about to start on a long journey (one that continues even today!).

Over the years, the show has won plenty of awards and it has snowballed into prominence. As well as being shown across 150 countries, the show has been the subject of light-hearted jokes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Brooklyn 99, and others.

Image Credits: Maria Ziegler

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