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Tired of wasting your time on scanning and printing the documents just for a signature? Then you’ve got a chance to dive into the future with an electronic signature in less than 10 minutes!

Why SignNow?

Besides the comfy interface and very simple navigation on the site, SignNow has a lot more features to use! It’s not a regular app that allows signing PDF-files. SignNow is a trusted cloud provider of the software, which helps every entrepreneur to boost the company’s working process.

Who Uses SignNow and Why?

Honestly, there is always the purpose to start using this signature software. It can be both personal and business interests. This software allows easing work for independent agencies, social projects, realtors, and companies. It would even help you to deal with the taxes faster as it has a lot of assisting filling forms. To dispel any doubts, you can read some recommendations and people reviews.

Is It Hard to Work with the Application?

Absolutely not! Due to its intuitive interface, it wouldn’t be difficult literally for anyone. You just have to:

  • make a quick registration and consult with the SignNow provided features;



  • enjoy the free 6-day trial. You shouldn’t be worried about the unexpectedly charged card as it isn’t required for the free period. After it ends, just choose a preferable plan. That’s it!

Main Features

This software has an unlimited number of features for a more than affordable price. Whether you are self-employed or running a big company – you’ll surely find the best option for your needs! Here is a list of the most popular services provided by SignNow:


The Most Accurate and Recent Information on Electronic Signature Laws

Obviously, this category of the SignNow website contains info that you can’t miss when you start your work with e-signatures. Here, you can find several how-to videos and a list of useful trusted links (for example, the website of the Legal Information Institute.

eSignature Solutions

G2 BotLooking for a modern e-sign solution or, maybe, need to facilitate all the paperwork while working on some real estate project? A SighNow team has something for you! Make an online, digital, or virtual signature literally in a moment. Moreover, after you made one, enjoy offline access or the mobile version of the software. Whether you would have any further questions, use a chat-bot function in the right corner of the website

Signature Generator

Every e-signature could be made in multiple ways: by typing your name, drawing a signature, or uploading a photo of it. Can you even think of an easier way? Besides, you can work with both PDF and MS Word formats.

Storing Documents on Your Cloud Account

You can group, store, and manage your documents on the account. The company guarantees full security and privacy.

SignNow Forms Catalog

Forms Catalog

Yes, you can even use an enormous number of forms for all needs: making business in Hong Kong, immigrating to Canada, buying a house in Australia, etc. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing – SignNow is taking care of your time, making document work way easier!

How Much Do I Have to Pay for the Software?

The price for SignNow services starts from $8 and goes to $50. It all depends on your needs. A $50 subscription of the airSlate Business Cloud is most suitable for the groups of entrepreneurs or companies, and it includes the most appropriate features for them. Also, it is more profitable to pay yearly. Let’s have a detailed look at all the available plans.

SignNow Pricing


  • $8 per month

  • Minimalistic one, but it includes all the necessary supplies to offer, such as sending documents for signing, unlimited templates to fill, live chat, kiosk mode, multiple languages, etc. Besides, you can increase the number of online users and make in-person signatures with 2+ signers.

Business Premium:

  • $15 per month

  • Personalized branding, signing link invites, and reminders added.


  • $30

  • This plan has a list of suggestions, which include signer attachments, conditional fields, the ability to request payments, advanced authentication, etc. The best choice for business!

Last but not least – SignNow is a part of the airSlate business cloud. If you want a personal assistant for only $50 per month – congratulations, you found it! It is even hard to imagine an option which isn’t included in the airSlate. Moreover, it integrates with almost all business applications, including NetSuit, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Sharepoint, Office 365, and much more.


So, it’s up to you to decide whether you choose comfort, economy, or both of these essential things. Software developments provide us with a great opportunity to reduce time spent on paperwork. It is proven that eSignature helps in growing revenue up to 5% by closing more deals in less time. Electronic signatures also save your staff an average of 40 hours per month by handling documents in the special systems. Needless to say that it is not only about saving time; eSignatures save money too. Approximately $70 are being saved when you stop printing every document just to sign it or using overnight delivery. Nowadays, there is a high variety of products whose mission is to solve bureaucracy problems. SignNow is one of the most complex and multifunctional software presented on the E-commerce market. With all the features it provides, SignNow is an indispensable helper for every business. Take your chance to save some time by authenticating documents and keep them organized just with one platform!

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