3 Tips to Prevent Accidents in the Workplace

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A single accident in the workplace can have disastrous consequences for your business. From minor ailments such as sprained ankles to more serious concerns like head injuries, these incidents could reflect badly on your company and yourself as an employer, also putting you at risk of legal action.

If an employee is injured, you may be held liable, even if you believe it was not your fault. Perhaps they slipped on a wet floor, tripped over a box, or pulled their back lifting something they shouldn’t have. Sometimes people are just clumsy, but if you were seen to be negligent in any way then it could come back to haunt you. Furthermore, if a member of staff is taken out of action, your business will suffer from loss of productivity and low morale. Not to mention all the paperwork you’ll have to sign.

So how can you avoid accidents and make your workplace a safe place to be? Here are a few tips to prevent injury.

Educate your employees

If your business requires its employees to use heavy machinery or drive large vehicles, then you need to be certain that everyone is working as safely as possible. Providing your team with adequate training in safe usage and procedures will ensure that they know how to use all equipment in a risk-free manner. One of the most common causes of workplace injury is lifting heavy items. Something as simple as moving a chair across the office could cause a back injury if not performed correctly, so it’s a good idea for employers in all industries to offer manual handling training to their staff. Not everybody is aware of safe lifting techniques such as using your legs instead of your back and standing up straight with the object close to your chest.

Provide protective equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential, and it’s an area you do not want to skimp on. Any workers who use heavy machinery should be given goggles and ear protectors. Work gloves are necessary for industries involving a lot of manual handling, and depending on the nature of your business you may also need face protection, steel toe cap boots, or hard hats.

Maintain all company vehicles

If your business requires staff to drive vehicles – perhaps you’re a car rental firm or a forklifts hire company – your risk of workplace injury is higher. No matter how skilled at vehicle handling your team may be, there is always a risk of accident, particularly if the vehicles aren’t regularly inspected and maintained. Not paying due diligence in this regard could lead to a car breaking down on a busy road with disastrous consequences. Make sure each vehicle undergoes a thorough service on a regular basis.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can keep your employees safe at work. By making the effort to create an accident-free workplace, you will not only be protecting your business’ reputation, but you will also create a much more positive work environment for your employees. They will feel more secure and valued, and thereby may be happier and more productive.

Image Credits: Steve Buissinne

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