Making Birthdays Easy: The Best Gifts for Astronomy Lovers

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Nothing is harder than getting someone you care about the perfect gift. You want the person to love it and feel like you thought it through. Yet sometimes you might not have an idea of what they’d like, especially if you have different interests.

However, if you know what they like, then you can use this for your advantage. For stargazers, there are tons of cool options. Check out this list of gifts for astronomy lovers.

A Solar Orbit Necklace

The best way to remind yourself of how small your problems are is by thinking about the universe. It’s humbling to think that all things are made up of the same stuff. There is no better way of reminding your loved one this fact than getting them a necklace that they can wear with many clothes.

You could include a bracelet that goes well with the necklace.

The pieces feature cosmic bodies such as Earth, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune.

The Planet Mug

If your space geek is a fan of coffee, then a planet mug is a cool astronomy gift for them.

Dark matter is the mystery that holds the entire universe together. It reveals the whole solar system once you pour anything hot in it, including water, tea, or coffee.

Deep Space Mysteries Calendar

A deep space mysteries calendar is an excellent idea for gifts for astronomy lovers who love photos. There is enchantment, mystery, beauty, and drama everywhere you look at the universe. The space photos are not just eye-candy but also a picture and lesson of how the world is like past our frontier.

The 2020 Deep Space Mysteries Calendar is a good example. It’s especially a gem for people who dream of exploring places beyond our planet. It’s full of spiral galaxies, images of nebulae, planets, star-performing regions, and other mysteries of the universe.

Every month in the calendar gives an overview of various things that will be happening in the night sky. This is very informative for night gazers too.

Moon Hat

Astronomy clothing makes for cool gifts. The moon phase beanie is the perfect combination of fashion and science. It’s a space-themed gift for men and women that’s practical and very cozy. The hat keeps them warm during the winter season and when they’re out gazing at the sky at night.

There are very many versions of a moon hat. For example, some have illustrations sewed inside the cap to tell the moon motions.

It works like this: you face towards the sun, and the hat shows you the position of the moon in different phases. This item gives them the gift of knowledge and function.

Name a Star for Them

Imagine the tickle in your astronomy lover’s eyes after telling them that you’re taking them star-shopping? It’s possible to name a star after someone now.

You might be wondering “how do I buy a star” after hearing this news. The process is simple, and the good news is that registration can be done from Earth.

A Galaxy Dress Design

A galaxy dress is an excellent gift for a space queen. Have a designer include photos of the heavenly bodies in print, and you can customize it by using their favorite color.

Mars Globe

Make your loved one’s dream of traveling to the red plane come true in the comfort of their home. The injection-molded, 12-inch desktop globe has all the features of mars. These feaures include volcanoes, mountains, impact craters, and other less-recognized terrains.

The “globe” is very detailed and is presented in vibrant colors. It was made using maps from the Viking missions as well as the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter aboard the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft. This accurate scientific feature is attractive even to the most detailed and picky space lovers.

Space Exploration Postcards

Space exploration postcards are perfect for astronomy lovers who are in long-distance relationships. This is a kind gesture of showing them you’d love to hear more often from them as well as motivate them to write to you.

Get them a packet of 50 space postcards with iconic moments in space history. This could range from NASA space crafts and notable astronauts to scenes from Apollo missions. You could also get the cards and map them together to create a space gallery for them.

Observer’s Handbook

If your space geek is just getting started with all the nerdy universe stuff, then the Observer’s Handbook is the perfect gift for them. It helps the night gazers to take their observation to the next level. It’s a must-have for both amateurs and advanced astronomers.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada published the book in 1907, and it has remained in the list of the best books for sky gazers in the library. The book is perfect for backyard observers and anyone who is awed by the wonders of the night sky.

Every edition provides detailed content about upcoming astronomical events and subdivides the observation theory into small sections that are easy to understand. With the help of this handbook, your night gazer will quickly level up their astronomy game in no time.

Planetary String Lights

Planetary string lights are one of the best space gifts for astronomy lovers that like to decorate. The planetary lights will transform your home to space out of this world. It’s made up of ten glass bulbs painted to represent each of the planets.

Find the Perfect Gifts for Astronomy Lovers

Regardless of the occasion, you want to find the best gifts for astronomy lovers to watch their faces glow. Considering things that they already love like mugs and hats, might help with choosing an astro gift.

Some of these astronomy gift ideas can help steer you in the right direction. Just remember to be unique and thoughtful in your gift-giving, and the recipient will surely appreciate it.

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