Sleep and Creativity: How They Are Related

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The relationship associated with creativity and sleeping is one of the most important topics of discussion. Several artists give the credit of their creativity to their dreams or the fact that they are unable to sleep at night. However, it is extremely difficult to understand whether sleep boosts creativity. Scientists are responsible for developing several objective tests, which help them to understand the creativity of people. They are researching to learn whether there is a link between creativity and sleeplessness. They are also responsible for helping you to understand how you can optimize sleep for better and improved creativity.

The creative brain while you are sleeping

Creative solutions evolve on the right lobe of your brain as opposed to your left lobe, which is known to be associated with analytical and logical thinking. In the year 2010, few European scientists were responsible for conducting some tests between learning and the activity of the brain when a person sleeps. According to their study, they discovered that a person could have several creative thoughts while they were sleeping during the first half of their slow-wave sleep.

Creativity and insomnia

Few artists have also claimed that they are more creative when they are insomniac. The reason behind this is that they are constantly thinking about something creative, which does not allow them to fall asleep. According to a 2013 study, insomnia was related to creative behavior as well as divergent thinking, as stated by It was also discovered that creative children showed signs of sleeplessness.

A positive correlation was indeed discovered between creativity and insomnia. However, not a single study could prove that it is only the insomniacs who are more creative. Creativity can lead to insomnia but insomnia cannot lead to creativity. Moreover, sleep deprivation is responsible for degrading mental agility as well as several brain functions. Therefore, it can be stated that a person who is not sleeping properly is not creative. This is why you need to understand the impact of sleep on creativity.

REM sleep and creativity

Many people have reported that they can work their best right after waking up. This has made individuals question as to what is so special about the early mornings. According to several studies, the proximity to sleep is the most important thing that allows people to work when they wake up in the morning.

Using dreams for being creative

There is yet another section of people who consider them to be extremely creative and their creativity comes from their dreams. Given below is a list of famous people who used their dreams for assisting the creative processes.

  • Mary Shelley stated that a dream was responsible for giving her the inspiration of the famous Frankenstein.
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge inscribed Kubla Khan after he woke up from an opium-stimulated vision.
  • Paul McCartney stated that he received the melody of the song “Yesterday” in his dream.
  • Salvador Dali connected his paintings to his dreams.


It can be said that sleep and creativity have a deep connection with one another. Go through everything that has been mentioned above so that you understand the connection that exists between sleep and creativity.

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