Men’s Leather Gloves with Rabbit Lining by Black Review

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These leather gloves with a rabbit fur lining are made by Black, a UK based accessories and gifts boutique founded in 2006.

The packaging of the Black leather gloves with rabbit lining

The gloves arrived in a plastic shipping bag, which is fairly standard. The real magic happens when you open the bag and pull out the cloth bag, tied with a bow. Inside this cloth bag are the gloves, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with three adhesive circles. The aesthetic experience of receiving the gloves and their packaging has you excited before you have even worn them.
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Aesthetics of the Black leather gloves with rabbit lining

The Black gloves are striking to look at, with their classy three-pointed ribbed structure on the upside of the gloves. They are completely black, both the leather and the rabbit fur lining. I like the continuity of the one-colour design, and being black they match any colour. I think that a creme interior and perhaps a brown exterior would also look very fly.

The cuffs of the gloves have a cut on one side, so that they fit over your shirt or jumper, but I’d have prefered if Black included some form of buckle to close the gloves in this case. As it stands, with the current design, I prefer wearing the cuff under my jumper.

Comfort of the Black leather gloves with rabbit lining

The Black gloves are luxuriously comfortable. The rabbit fur lining is softer than anything I’ve felt before, and you really can tell the difference between it and faux fur. Faux fur tends to feel quite plasticky and low quality, whereas the natural rabbit fur in these gloves wicks the moisture away from your hands and feels a huge amount more comfortable than faux fur. It’s also warmer. However, if you are not keen on the rabbit lining, you can have a look all of Black’s men’s leather gloves here.

Over time, the gloves get more comfortable due to the leather stretching and molding to the shape of your hand, it also loosens up slightly which increases your dexterity and overall comfort. By my measurements, my hands are glove size 7 ½, and the size of the gloves I got are 8 ½, this is the perfect size and they fit, you guessed it, like a glove. I suggest that you adjust the size you buy accordingly.

The rabbit fur lining doesn’t cover the fingers to the extent that I’d like it to. Putting the gloves on slowly and intently, going into the fingers, only the top and bottom of them are lined leaving you able to feel the high-grade elasticated mesh on each side. This is almost impossible to notice when you are wearing the gloves normally.
Black rabbit fur lined gloves in BMW

The build quality of the Black leather gloves with rabbit lining

The build quality of the Black leather gloves with rabbit lining is high, and your first impressions are certainly positive. They have a handmade quality to them, with slight imperfections. For example, on the left hand, the tip of the thumb is very slightly more rounded than on the left, where it is almost flat. There is also a 1 or 2 millimeter overstitch in between the index and middle finger. Other than that, the stitching is tight and regular; this is great craftsmanship in action. These slight imperfections remind me of the screws not all facing in the same direction on the Christoper Ward C11 MK1; again, this denotes them being hand made.

The outside of the Black gloves are made from nappa leather. This is a type of full-grain leather that is intact, which means that it hasn’t been processed. Nappa leather is a high quality product, but as with almost anything you get different qualities. The leather used on the outside of the Black gloves is rather thin and feels slightly rubbery leaving you with a bit of a diminished opinion of their quality, and I certainly worry about the longevity of them. However, I find this as somewhat of a positive, it allows you to wear them in relatively quickly and they are great for gripping objects like steering wheels and pressing buttons on your dash; and so far they have a very minimal amount of wear and tear considering the activities that I’ve put them through. You can read about this later on in the review.

The Black leather gloves with rabbit lining in the wild

As always, I’ve tested this product to its limits, and the gloves haven’t disappointed.

I’ve ridden my bicycle wearing them, I’ve hiked with them, and I have even climbed a tree and belayed wearing them and they are still in perfect condition.

After some wearing, they do wear in and mold to your hand size. Allowing you to comfortably make a fist and perform tasks that require a moderate amount of dexterity, like taking your wallet out of your pocket and then removing a note and also able to dial on your car telephone.
Men's Leather Gloves with Rabbit Lining by Black Review 2

Wearing the Black gloves in Dartmoor National Park on a chilly day with a -4 wind chill, the outside of the gloves were a chilly 12ºC wind chill whereas the insides were a barmy 26ºC! This is due to the superb natural insulation properties of rabbit fur.

They are quite water resistant being leather, but are not waterproof.


I’m in love with these gloves from Black. Durable, comfortable, warm and fashionable, that’s everything anyone can ever want in a glove. Expensive is relative, but it’s not something that I think these gloves are, at £79, especially considering that they will last a long, long time. Love them as much as I do? You can purchase these rabbit fur lined gloves here.

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11 years ago

Craig, these are great. after having a feel im convinced 🙂 x

11 years ago

criag you wear them everyday 🙂 x