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You’ve heard of the saying that a messy desk creates a messy mind, well, that’s the same with your bedroom. Your bedroom is no doubt going to be the messiest of all rooms, it’s just unavoidable in a way. We all go through those days where we clean it from top to bottom, and it will have never looked so clean. However, the very next day, all of your makeup and sprays and clothes are all over the shop again. But, we understand how it’s tempting not to keep your room in shape. You come home from a long day, and all you want to do is climb into bed, or jump onto the sofa to relax, so we know that everything gets thrown about a bit. But, we think it’s time for a change. You know that feeling you get when your room is so neat and tidy? That’s the feeling we want you to have all of the time! Here’s how you can keep your room nice and tidy, without having to worry about it messing up again!

Get Your Clutter Gone

Getting your clutter gone is the first step in this whole process. But getting your clutter gone is one of the hardest steps in the process. As girls, we have that much stored away that’s hard to know what we need, and what we don’t need. Now, most people have issues with just their wardrobes, but as girls, we have issues with every single draw in our room. From the makeup draw, to the toiletry draw, to the underwear draw. In fact, we pretty much have a draw for everything, so you might as well class them all as cluttered. Now, the process of sorting this is going to be long, so take your time. For one, the wardrobe needs to be sorted first. You’ll have clothes your love, clothes you like, and clothes you never actually wear. It’s the latter that needs to go, and any other clothes that you like, but you never find yourself wearing. If you want to know how to store clothes, it really isn’t that hard. You could box them up neatly and put them away in the loft. Or, if you and your partner have a lot of clutter going on, you could always think about putting your clothes into storage. It seems like such a better option so that they’re fully away from your home, but you can get them whenever you need them. Obviously, you’re not going to need a storage box just for clothes, so think about any of the other things around your home that you might like to store out of the way!

Love Your Decor

If you don’t love your decor, then maintaining your room is going to become quiet the difficult task. But to be honest, it’s not often the decors fault, it might have been absolutely stunning when it was first done. However, over time, it’s naturally going to deteriorate, and you’re naturally going to become bored with looking at the same walls. So, what you need to do is focus on updating it every year or so. The biggest mistake that people make is that they don’t update the bedroom, all of the other rooms go first. If you’re hating your decor at the minute, and you’re looking for some inspiration, then Pinterest pages are often the best place that you can look. The lighter and brighter the decor is, the more fresh the room is going to feel. The more darker colours that you can use however, will make your room feel so much more cosy.

Storage Solutions

We bet you’re desperate for some storage solutions. As time goes by, you just collect and collect until you realise that there’s nowhere for your clothes or items to go. So, we recommend that you think of things such as underbed storage, and wardrobe storage. You can get specific bed frames that lift up, and offer a vast area of space for you to store the things. Whilst it is still technically another area for adding more clutter, at least it is out the way, and you have more room for other things. In the wardrobe, you could simply get some of the plastic boxed chest of drawers to fit in! They’re easy to step up, and is out the way storage that you need.

Keeping It Tidy

Keeping it tidy isn’t hard, you just need to have the patience and focus to do so. A room isn’t meant to be messy, yet we do it so much so that it just becomes the norm. Try and get into the habit of at least cleaning up after yourself as you go along. That way, you won’t be hit in the face with one big day of cleaning!

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