Modern Tips for Pulling off the Punk Rock Look

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Let’s face it, the punk look is still sexy even after fifty years. It’s a strong statement, great to pair with blasting headphones and a strong sense of teenage rebellion.

It’s also pretty simple to get started. Punk is a style based in classic and long-lasting pieces. Original punks mixed designer pieces bought from Vivian Westwood’s London boutique Sex with pieces from thrift stores and actual sex stores, so remember to invest in the good stuff and scrounge for the rest.

Here’s some tip to get the punk rock look in no time.

Get a battle jacket

Can you really be punk without a leather jacket? It’s defiantly the first piece you should save up for if you’re looking get the punk rock look. It will last forever, go with everything, and make even a basic outfit look more punk.

Look for a high-quality jacket that will last you. I like real leather for how nicely it wears, but vegan punks can find better and better options nowadays. You can even find some great pieces at thrift stores or on Depop if you want something with a lot of character.

To make a leather jacket into a real battle jacket, buy pins and patches of the bands you love. Normally you would want them to be from all the great shows you’ve taken your jacket to. During the current crisis, it’s a great time to show your support for your favorite bands online. Just be sure it’s official merch and all the money is going right to the band.

Accessorize for your punk rock look

Punk Accessories are a great way to make an all-black outfit have personality. Since the main pieces are going to be simple and mix and match, accessories will be how you have fun with an outfit.

For jewelry, you can wear some cool pieces, like a hand full of skull rings, or pentagram necklaces. You can never go wrong with a classic studded cuff or chocker too.

Shoes are all about combat boots, like the classic Doc Martens, but you can also mix it up with crazy platforms and creepers. Look for studded versions of classic shoes to add an unexpected element to your punk rock attire.

Find some band tees

A lot of people have strong feelings against wearing tee-shirts of bands you don’t listen to, so consider this before you buy a reproduction tee from Target because it looks cool. Still, you do you.

still, I think it’s hard to argue against the pull of band merch. From a cool vintage band tee or merch from an underground concert where you got to meet the band, they just add a lot of uniqueness and personality to a wardrobe. For a punk rock vibe be sure to pick the black option.

The best thing about band tees is that they go with everything. Tuck them into a plaid skirt, black ripped jeans, or a black skirt with fishnets and you’ll have a great punk rock outfit for every occasion.

It’s all about attitude

While the punk rock look has some obvious signifiers, like black and plaid, it’s all about attitude. Don’t let people say you can’t remix it, or combine it with whatever other styles you want. As long as you wear your punk pieces with confidence we bet you look great.

Image Credits: Priscilla Du Preez

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