Office Design: 5 Tips to Boost Productivity

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Is there such a thing as the perfect office layout? The answer is, of course, yes most definitely. What is a perfect office design? A layout that facilitates working processes in an environment that is bright and airy, with areas to relax and, of course, all the tech essentials for the team to perform.

We asked a top office fit out designer for tips to improve output.

  1. Go open plan – If you want to promote an inclusive culture, you need to choose an open plan design with half partitions to create workstations. For the best deals in office furniture and fittings, Danny’s Desks & Chairs have the best deals and that includes assembling the furniture onsite. Think about your key employees and place them close to each other; workstations should offer an amount of seclusion and with open plan dialogue is easy. Dialogue means things are getting done.
  2. Have a communal space – People should be able to enjoy a coffee while brainstorming issues; make sure you have tea, coffee and drinking water in abundance and a white board is another essential. This is also a place to sit when you need a break; a large window allows your workers to focus on things far away, which is good for the eyes after a couple of hours in front of a screen. This is also a place where you can invite everyone for a short meeting to address an issue or announce a new contract. Click here for tips to make your business look more professional.
  3. Natural light, temperature & ventilation – A bright and airy office helps people to stay alert; vertical blinds are ideal for shading, as you have a fine level of light control; stuffy offices make employees feel dull and drowsy, so bear this in mind when thinking about lighting. Ventilation is another important aspect of a good working environment, while climate control is essential; being cold or hot affects performance. If you are using an office fit out contractor, they have a lot of experience in designing office space with a view to lighting etc.
  4. Create a ‘can do’ culture – You can lead by example, helping whenever possible and not being afraid to get your hands dirty. Ideally, you want every employee to feel they are part of a big family, with a single goal and working together to achieve it. Recognise and reward good work and this will motivate; people to respond in a positive way when they get recognition for a job well done. There are, of course, times when an employee gets it wrong and in such a situation, never criticize an employee in front of others – if someone messes up big time, introduce this in a positive way; rather than saying “that’s not good enough”, try “I know you are capable of so much more” which would be a better response. As the boss, you should be modelling the right attitude and promote inclusivity; involve the team in decision making, especially when it comes to office layout and furniture.
  5. The right equipment – Your team are only as good as the IT equipment at their disposal; hi-spec workstation PCs, laser color printer, scanner and copier, are all essentials. Additionally, an industrial shredder might be something you never knew you needed as it is highly practical at destroying paper at a fast rate, while also getting rid of any private or sensitive documents. A projector and screen might be tools you need, it depends on your sector; invest in good quality hardware and equipment and you won’t regret it. Rather than investing heavily in IT hardware, you can lease everything you need and the hardware is regularly updated, ensuring your workstation PCs are fast and reliable. Nothing hits productivity like hardware failure; fixed fee IT hardware support ensures you are always online and for the little it costs, you no longer have to deal with petty IT issues.

Creating the perfect working environment is crucial if you want peak performance from your office staff and the above tips should ensure that your office has the right vibes. There are free resources online to help with office design if you are relocating and starting from scratch and making your employees feel part of the family will create a winning ambience.

Image Credits: Andrea De Santis

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