Opening Your Clinic: What You Need To Know

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Are you considering setting up your own clinic? You wouldn’t be alone as a specialist in considering that. Being able to strike out on your own and stop working for someone else is a big deal when you are working in the healthcare field. Choosing to open your own practice and have your name on the door is exciting, and yet there is so much that you don’t know about it yet.

Opening your own clinic is a big task, and from the clinic management software you use to the outsourced experts you bring on to get some advice from will be the best start that you need. Taking the next step into independent practice is a big leap if you’ve never worked alone in healthcare before. Below, we’ve got some of the best tips that you will need to make it all go well.

  1. Are you ready for it? The first thing that you need to know if you are looking to strike out alone is whether or not you are ready for this to happen. You need to know your motivations and whether you have the skills to make working in your own clinic work for you. You might be qualified in healthcare, but are you qualified to run your own business? You need to learn how to do it so take a business course, get a business mentor and make sure that you have all of your human resources and accounting ducks in a row. While you’re planning, make sure that you have an exit strategy if you need one! Know how to sell it and close it if you find that you don’t enjoy running your own place.
  2. Location matters. You should know that the location matters when it comes to your business. You need to know that patients can get to you if they need to, and so you have to review the local public transport options, parking, accessibility for patients using wheelchairs and more. You also have to project future growth, so if you choose to open a rural clinic, you need to have enough patients to keep you going!
  3. Write a business plan. Get the help of a business mentor to help you to write a business plan and ensure that you know what your growth will be in a few years. You should also set some goals you want to hit over the time you’re in there, so that you can track your spending and know you are heading in the right direction with the clinic.
  4. Get compliant. As a medical clinic, you need to think about practicing medicine in a way that meets frameworks and guidelines locally. Being compliant is important for your business so that you can avoid fines and charges and issues with your patients. People deserve privacy and you should ensure that your business is as compliant as possible.

Opening your own clinic is a huge thing to do – make sure that you have done the proper research to make it work!

Image Credits: Johny Georgiadis

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