Planning A Party For The First Time?

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Whatever the time of year, there always seem to be plenty of reasons to throw a party – birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, or simply good weather – do you always opt to go to other people’s? What about giving it a go yourself? Here are some life pro tips which you can’t go wrong with!


Your guest list should be your first thought and you can put this together without sending any invites out to draft up a rough number. Don’t forget to allow for +1s and friends of friends who you may need to accommodate. Life pro tip: When you send invites out make sure you specify whether guests are allowed to bring additional people if you’re concerned about space.


The amount of space you’re able to open up for your party will of course depend on your living arrangements. It may be that you’re able to open up your whole house, it may also be that you’re using the living room of your parents house. You should also take into account bathroom, hallway, and outside space – your friends are likely to congregate in all these places!

It may be that you don’t want to open up all your available space, after all you’ll just end up having to clean this afterwards! Life pro tip: You can find cheap and reliable cleaners online if you don’t quite feel up to managing the clean-up operation afterwards. Or perhaps if you’re using your parents’ space you may want to ensure you leave the place in a better state than you started!


If you’re putting on some food this will vary on a number of factors:

  • How many people are coming?
  • What are your guests’ tastes?
  • What can you make yourself?
  • How much time do you have?

If you have plenty of time and cooking ability you can find a wealth of party food advice online. Don’t forget to cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements, perhaps it could be a good idea to ask for information about this in your invites?

Life pro tip: It could be a great idea to ask your friends to bring something with them to help you save the cost of footing the entire food bill.


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Lastly, the weather could have a great impact on your upcoming celebration. Don’t forget to check the forecast as you plan your party to ensure that you can take advantage of outdoor space if you want to.

If the weather isn’t going to be very good, at least you’ll be aware that you may need to accommodate wet coats and umbrellas somewhere in advance.

Should the weather be pleasant and warm, this could be a great opportunity to get everyone over in the daytime and dust off that barbecue. You can find some smoky inspiration on the Foodscene blog at Deliveroo which will delight yours and your guests’ tastebuds for sure!

Kebabs on a barbecue

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There you have it! The more organised you are, the more fun you’ll have. A bit of forward-planning will ensure that your party goes with a swing and without a hitch.

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