5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

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No one can be expected to feel amazing every hour of every day. There will always be dips in energy and occasionally things that get you down. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to remedy your blue mood and try to perk back up.

Feeling good allows you to be more productive and improves your personal relationships. When you feel good life is good! Therefore, in order to help you boost your mood when you’re feeling less than stellar, here are some quick fixes.

Do Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful

When you feel good about yourself outwardly, it can often influence how you feel inwardly. Next time you’re feeling down in the dumps do whatever it takes to feel beautiful.

For some people that may be putting on an outfit they love. For other people, it might mean painting your nails or working out. Not everyone is inspired by the same thing, so do whatever works for you personally.

Take a Bath

There’s just something about a warm bath that makes you feel cozy and serene. After all, who doesn’t love being enveloped by a warm, sudsy tub? According to studies, people who take more baths feel happier on a regular basis.

Try it yourself and see if it works. When you’re feeling down, draw yourself a bath and get in. For an extra comforting perk, pair your bath with a hot tea or cocoa.

Candles and Essential Oils

Many people swear by the power of smells to bring them to a more positive state of mind. Inhaling beautiful smells can make you feel calm and happy.

Whether you light a candle or use an essential oil, your favorite smell can make you feel instantly happier.

Go For a Run

It’s almost impossible to feel sad when you’re working up a sweat. When your heart is racing, and you’re focusing on your form while running the last thing you’re able to do is feel depressed.

Not only does running distract your mind, but it also releases endorphins and serotonin. Those are the things that get you feeling happy!


When in doubt, smile. Even though smiling may be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling down, it can be incredibly therapeutic.

When you smile, you trick your mind into believing that you’re feeling how you’re acting physically. It may feel unnatural at first; however, over time, you may find that it works like a charm.

A good dose of a mood-boosting fix is even more enjoyable when you do it with other people. Happiness is infectious and leaves others feeling just as good as you do. When you feel upbeat, it’s hard for other people around you not to soak up that energy.

Image Credits: Mark Adriane

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