Preparing for Toddlerhood: 10 Essential Products for Your Growing Child

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A year after a child is born, they begin learning new skills, eating on their own, walking, and exploring everything around them. Parents will have to prepare for these changes and make sure that their toddler is equipped with everything they need to support them as they grow and keep them safe as they become more mobile. Here are eleven essential things parents need to buy for the toddlers:


As your child’s is still developing his motor skills, they need to use specific tableware when eating. You will need a bowl with suction cups to keep it from getting flung to the floor. Later on, you can use plastic plates with separate compartments. Buy toddler spoons and forks with thicker handles so they are easier to grasp and sippy cups with a lid and a spout to ensure spill-proof drinking.

Toddler Clothes and Shoes

As your child begins to crawl, walk, and explore, durability is important when selecting their clothes. Buy toddler clothes that are machine-washable and can hold up well to frequent messes and washings. Choose comfortable shoes with rubber soles that fit well and will provide support. According to a poll conducted by Promopony, buyers look for toddler shoes that not only look good but are also sturdy and reasonably priced. considering how fast they grow.

Diapers and Potty Seat

Yes, you will still need diapers even when your child begins their potty training. Have a potty seat on hand so your toddler gets familiar with it even before they are ready to use it. While there is no standard age when toddlers need to potty train, they are usually ready when they reach the age of 18 months to 3 years old.

Baby Travel System

When buying a baby travel system, choosing the car seat comes first since this will keep your toddler safe inside the car. Make sure that the car seat fits tightly in your vehicle and is easy to install and use. Strollers come next. There are different types of strollers – lightweight strollers, full-size feature-packed strollers, and jogging strollers. Get a stroller that will fit well in your vehicle and still leave space for other things. One of the most practical options for parents with more than one child is this versatile travel system by Baby Trend, which can be used by infants and young children.

High Chair and Booster Seat

Your best option for a high chair is one with a tray that can be detached easily and fit in the sink or dishwasher for cleaning. This is considerably more versatile as your child grows because it can be pulled up to the table. When your toddler is ready for shared meals, it’s time to buy them a Summer Infant booster seat, a plastic seat that fits into a full-size chair and functions to bring your toddler up to table level. For safety, choose a booster seat which you can strap onto the chair.

Safety Gates and Other Childproofing Products

Now that your toddler’s walking and reaching for things around the house, keeping your home a safe place for your child should be your top priority. Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, as well as other areas around the house which might present a danger to your child. You can buy quality safety gates online from Albee Baby. Buy other childproofing products, such as cupboard and drawer latches, toilet seat locks, and power outlet covers.

The toddler stage is a very exciting phase for parents and their child. And buying these things for your growing baby makes it safe for your little one and adds convenience to parents.

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