How to Help Your Dog Age Comfortably

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It can be hard seeing our best friend age. When your dog is running about and has the same puppy dog mindset, it can be difficult to come to terms that they are aging and need some extra support to ensure they age gracefully. Animals are very good at hiding pain and by the time most people notice that something is really wrong, it usually means they have reached a point of no return. It is extremely important to keep a close eye on your senior dog’s behavior and keep a lookout for any subtle behavioral changes. Luckily for them, there are many things you can do to help maintain your dog’s good health and prevent any age-related issues that may occur.

Change Their Exercise Routine

When dogs get older, some will continue to push themselves to the limit when it comes to exercise. This can make it hard to know how long you can walk them for and what kinds of walks you can take them on. Many dogs suffer from hip and joint problems, such as arthritis. In this case, short regular walks are better. Making sure they walk around regularly helps to keep their joints loose and short walks stop your dog from pushing themselves too far. You should try your best to exercise your dog regularly, so they don’t put on too much weight.

Alter Their Diet

There is a range of senior dog foods available. You should really consider changing your dog’s diet and feeding them senior dog food. This food will be full of essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog as they age, it will contain fewer calories and will also contain nutrients, like glucosamine, to support their joints.

Get Comfy Beds

Purchasing a comfortable bed for your dog will not go unnoticed by your furry friend. A comfy bed will help them sleep better and will stop them from feeling so stiff. You can get a range of beds perfect for your senior dog, from memory foam to orthopedic, so you won’t be short of options when it comes to buying one.

Check Their Body

You should always make sure your dog is well groomed, whether they have short or long hair. It keeps them feeling more comfortable, especially during hot weather. When you groom your dog, you should carry out a body check to see if you can spot any lumps or bumps that are unusual. Always make sure you speak to your vet if you notice anything concerning.

Add Health Supplements

There are a number of natural dog supplements that will benefit your dog’s health. These can support everything, from their coat condition to their digestive systems and their joint mobility. Feeding these to your dog throughout their lifetime can help prevent certain issues from occurring as they age. Feeding them later on can help reduce the progression or even improve certain issues.

Most of the changes you need to make to ensure your dog ages in the nicest way possible are subtle and don’t take much. The least your dog deserves is to feel comfortable as they get old, so make sure you do everything you can to ensure this. Remember, always speak to a vet if you are worried about anything out of the ordinary.

Image Credits: Bruno Cervera

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