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Making your own music is something many people dabble with from time to time. But if you’re really serious about your music, chances are you’re ready to invest in the right equipment to get you started. The budget will probably be one of the most important things you’ll need to consider. After all, you want your tracks to sound good. So what kit do you really need to get to work producing your own music?


Before you start recording anything, you need to master the instrument you’re on. Every one is different so a high-end guitar may not be as comfortable for you as something you pick up out of your local store. Spend time with your instrument before you start using it professionally. Don’t forget – that instrument is a key part of your ‘sound.’

Recording Studio

Do you need a studio of your own? Not necessarily. There are studios to hire everywhere. However, if your sound is digitally manipulated and personal to you, then why not invest in the kit to achieve that yourself? You’ll need a sound desk and somewhere soundproof to record live sounds. You might soundproof a room in your house, or find a quiet space elsewhere. Ultimately, you need a good quality microphone that offers a clear capture.

You’ll also need good quality speakers and headphones so you can accurately judge the best quality of sound you’ll get. Of course, it’s worth listening to your recordings on standard ear buds, and even laptop speakers so you know how the fans might hear it.Recording StudioImage source


While most of us are content with music downloads, it’s still the norm to have CDs that you can use to promote or sell. Producing hundreds of CDs isn’t practical at home so try a company like Nationwide that can mass produce in no time. Don’t forget, you’ll need to store your discs while you’re waiting for them to sell.


Use your website to promote your band, inform about upcoming gigs, and sell your CDs. It’s important there are lots of images and videos on your site so fans can get to know you and your style. If you want to attract an agent, producer or label, this site should be as professional as possible. Of course, it needs to appeal to the fan base as well. Websites can easily be put together for free using something like WordPress. You’ll need to pay a hosting company to host the site, and you’ll need to pay to register your domain name. This is usually a minimal expense.


If you’re a musician, you need to perform. If you’re a DJ, you still need to get out there and play your music at gigs. Sure, you might be able to fit all your kit into the back of a small hatch. But if you have a commercial van, you can add signage and other promotional messages to the vehicle.

Are you ready to start producing your own music at a professional level? Regardless of budget, it’s often best to select the equipment you can trust to do the job well for you. Love your sound.

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