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Usually, businesses focus on attracting new customers. Although doing so would help increase your customer base, retaining existing customers is just as important. This is evident in the results from a recent study which showed that existing customers are 50% more likely to buy new products and spend 31% more than new clients. So, what measures can you implement to keep your existing customers coming back? Here are a few.

Keep in touch

Businesses often forget a customer after they are done with a sale. By keeping a “personal touch” in your business, existing clients would be more than happy to come back again. Keeping in touch helps build a relationship between your business and the customer. You can keep an active social media presence for customers to communicate with your business. However, for this strategy to be effective, keep communications appropriate, purposeful, and brief to avoid making your customers uncomfortable and scaring them off. 

Find creative ways of improving customer experience

Excellent customer experience is another way to keep your customers coming back. However, businesses don’t know that customer experience is not limited to what goes on between your business and customer- like with customer service. The reputation your business has also added to your customer’s experience. For example, if you are known to be a charitable or eco-friendly business, customers who find these qualities admirable would be eager to come back.

Another creative way of improving your customer experience is by collaborating with local businesses to offer customers interesting and unique experiences.

Keep it fresh

You want to give your customers some good reason to buy from you again. That said, you can do this by honing and improving your product and service delivery. However, don’t forget to articulate the latest news or inventory to your existing clients. The updates and changes are more reasons to interact with your customer base. To do this effectively, respond to client concerns, avoid using the one-size-fits-all approach, keep interaction personal rather than transactional and stay active on social media. What’s more, you can utilise brochures and posters to keep your business in their hands and minds, so keep this in mind. Click here for custom printed brochures to carefully articulate your products and impress your clients.

Acknowledge their loyalty

You can take the straightforward approach to convince your customer by offering a discount on their next purchase. However, do you always have to offer a monetary incentive? Studies have shown that you will most likely retain a customer by offering some loyalty recognition or reward. Your staff can go an additional mile to treat clients with consideration or train your customer support teams to connect with your clients by providing expert services.

Your customers are key to your business. While gaining new customers is always a sign of growth, retaining your existing ones is just as important. Therefore, you should consider using these tips to ensure that your business can enjoy the benefits of having loyal customers.

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