Reasons That Will Make You Visit Romania for a Weekend of Fun

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Ah, Eastern Europe… The place we rarely hear much about, but from time to time nearly all of us wish to visit some of its sites. This part of the world recently went through major reforms that left the western world in curiosity and confusion. While you still may have some doubts, it is important to know that Romania is much safer and more exciting than you may have heard. The remnants of the old communist regime are still here and this country has the largest Roma minority in Europe. However, it also has a low crime rate and a surprising diversity of cultures and natural landscapes. All contribute to the uniqueness of Romania as a destination and experience!

Here are our reasons why Romania should be part of your wish list:

The Nightlife and Nature that Magnetizes Everyone

The capital city hosts some of the best bachelor nightlife in Romania and this part of the world! You can find here one of the fastest growing party hubs in Europe. Its low-cost and diversity of party venues are just too hard to resist for all the youngsters that flock into this city every weekend. But not all the attractions of this country are party-oriented. Especially outside the capital, you can breathe the Carpathian air freely.

Here you will not be overwhelmed by huge tourist crowds and cheesy souvenir offers. Most regions and destinations are relaxed and inviting. Because of such breathtaking landscapes, Romania is still a common trip among all nature lovers of the world.

Surprisingly, there are many sights and experiences that are still unknown to the majority of the planet. So, If you are still in doubt, then this is the best time to visit Romania – in 2019! Romanian tourism registered the highest growth in the European Union (according to Eurostat).

In addition, the World Tourism Organization named Romania one of the countries with the greatest tourism potential in Europe.

Close, Accessible and Safe

Romania has become a tourist destination in recent years, thanks also to its location and accessibility. The flight from Germany to Romania (Bucharest) takes about 2 hours and from Vienna even less. Numerous non-stop flights by international and Romanian airlines connect up to 10 major cities in Romania with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Besides, getting around Romania is pretty easy: most Romanians speak English, especially young people, and tourism workers. The country is well-connected by trains, planes, and buses. Since the turn of the 1990s, this country went through major reforms as mentioned earlier. Romania has been a member of NATO since 2004 and the EU since 2007.

In addition, with more than 20 recognized minorities, our country is a multi-ethnic state that for centuries has been a model for the peaceful coexistence of people. The Romanians are peaceful, tolerant and friendly people, and their hospitality will win over your heart just as you sit for a nice meal in their company. All the more, the country registers a low crime rate and a zero risk in the area of ​​terrorism.

Diversity and Opposites

You can barely find so many contrasts across Europe. On the one hand, in big cities (such as Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara) you will recognize the atmosphere of the Western European metropolises.

The hipster lifestyle, the 5th internet speed of the world (in January 2019), the newest car models passing through the city drive just to name a few. On the other hand, a stay in the countryside is like traveling through the time portal.

The picturesque villages with haystacks and horse-drawn carriages, the gathers at the church on Sundays and unspoiled nature with the largest wild bear population in Europe. These are just some of many reasons why so many travelers swear that Romania is a heaven for lovers of rural tourism.

Delicious food, excellent drinks

Romanians love to enjoy long meals and family visits, as well as discovering the latest restaurants and cafes in the city. In short, they do not miss any opportunity to eat, drink and celebrate all the good things that life offer us.

Bucharest for example still has real producers in the country who are the best source of organic food. Also for the delicious traditional food such as savory stews, soups, and homemade desserts, there will be marvelous restaurants at your disposal everywhere you go.

Besides, in Romania, you can taste delicious wines that will make you bring one or two bottles back home for sure. For Romanians, it is a pleasure and an honor to have guests.   As is the case with most Balkan folk, they are unusually hospitable, fluent, and very good companions for traveling and having fun until dawn.

Remember that a trip to Romania will be an experience that you won’t soon forget. With more than 15 million visitors annually you will certainly be one of many who found just the thing of interest in this historical spot that everyone needs to witness in his lifetime.

Image Credits: Paul Mocan

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