Reimagining Office Space

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If the thought of office space conjures the image of a large room filled with rows upon rows of identical cubicles, you might be surprised. Companies today know that to stay competitive in attracting top talent, they need to try for any advantage they can. Designing workspaces that employees will want to spend time in is one clear way to do this. A happy staff member is also a productive staff member, so there are benefits on both sides. Avanti Systems has selected five organizations around the world that have created incredible environments for their workers and are redefining what it means to go to work everyday.

First up are the gaming workspaces of Riot Games, featuring an arcade and atriums dispersed amongst the offices. Employees enjoy perks such as flexible hours and massage therapy. Next you have facilities at Heldergroen in the Netherlands where the desks disappear after 6 p.m., encouraging workers to have a work-life balance. At Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain, you’ll find attention has been paid to enable interaction with the surrounding beauty. HomeAway in Texas boasts sustainable design and elements to encourage a green lifestyle. Lastly, an incredible Atomic Bomb Shelter houses White Mountain, an operations center for a Swedish Internet service provider. Learn more about these unique setups in the following infographic.


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