The Essentials Of Decorating Your Nursery Setting

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If you have always dreamed of working in childcare and spending your days playing and teaching young lives, setting up a nursery in your home town is a wonderful idea. Starting your own small nursery setting can be a challenge, but it can also give you the chance to become a pillar of your community within a very short space of time.

Today we want to talk about some of the essential decorating tips you need to know if you are setting up a nursery as a small business this year. You’ll be able to create a bright, open, and practical space for children to learn and play, and make a career for yourself this year.

Here are some of the different tips we have for creating a fun and practical nursery setting this year.

An art corner

One of the first features you will want to invest in in your nursery setting is a corner that is dedicated to arts and crafts. In this corner you will want to hang an art drying rack to allow children to place their paintings once they are done, and you will need to gather some smocks, an easel or two, and plenty of paints and paintbrushes. Art is a valuable thing for children to learn about as it will not only help to teach them about colour, texture, and materials.

A play area

Using a company such as Childcare Builders to help you kit out your nursery is one of the best things you can do. When creating a space that is specific to children there are certain things, you’ll want to invest in that wouldn’t be in a regular living or commercial space. A play area is absolutely essential for a nursery because it will give your children plenty of opportunity to roll around, play board games, and generally be kids.

Comfortable seating

Comfy seating is always an essential when it comes to building a nursery setting, and investing in seating that has waterproof or Teflon coating can be useful in case of spillages or accidents. You can find anything from sponge seats to beanbags and sofas, and these will all create a warm and homely environment for your children to thrive.

Safety features

Of course, when building a space dedicated to children in their early years, it is important for you to take safety into consideration. Plug socket covers, rounded corners, locks for cabinets… all of these things are crucial to make sure that the children who come to you feel totally safe and sound.

Plenty of colour

Colour is always a must when decorating any space made for children and a nursery is no different! Make sure to add bright colours all over, and even consider using the primary colours to paint the main walls. You’ll be able to find some amazing stencils and decals to use that will create fun patterns and shapes on the walls.

Use some of these fun tips and tricks to vamp up your nursery setting this year.

Image Credits: Engin Akyurt

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