Rental Property Renovations That Attract Top Tenants

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Renting out your property is always a great way to earn something more on the side. And depending on your property, in some cases, you can seriously stop working as you can earn a whole salary just by renting out your house. However, not all houses are of the same value, and the price of the rental greatly depends on the way the house looks. This means that if you want to rent out your house or apartment, you would have to invest a bit of money and time to make it look picture perfect. These are some of the easiest tips and tricks on how to even double your rental income, just by conducting a few renovations. Bear in mind that the renovations also depend on where you live, so it’s always better to try and prevent any future problems. Sydney, for example, has a problem with blocked drains, so this is definitely something you would have to bear in mind. On the other hand, there are residential areas in every major city that look mesmerizing, so you would have to pay attention to the exterior of your house. Without further ado, these are the rental property renovations that will attract your tenants:

Add more storage

One of the things that most tenants notice is the storage space in your house. This is extremely important, as nobody will rent a home that lacks storage space. For this reason, it’s always good to check if you have enough cupboards, cabinets and shelves, and if you need to add a bit more. Of course, make sure that everything is aesthetically pleasing – clutter creates stress and your tenants definitely don’t want that.

Fix plumbing issues

The pipes in your house might be very old, and no matter if you’re experiencing any problems with them or not, it would be very wise to check them. If you experienced the plumbing problem from the introduction, the good news is that professionals can easily fix your blocked drains in Sydney or any other city. Letting your tenants rent your house while there’s still an issue that’s not fixed is definitely not ethical, and more importantly, you can save yourself plenty of troubles in the long run.

House with garage

Revamp your bathroom

As far as the aesthetical part of your remodeling is concerned, after cleaning up and giving your house a fresh coat of paint, it’s time to think about the most important rooms that you need to work on. The first on your list should be your bathroom, as no tenant likes to be in a bathroom that looks like it has been used before. This is why you should check if you need to replace any tiles (this is a must if the tiles are moldy), and change all of your taps and the shower head. Add artificial plants and you have yourself a completely new and fresh bathroom look.

Kitchen update

As far as the kitchen is concerned, you don’t actually have to break the bank in order to make your kitchen much more aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the rooms where your tenants will spend a lot of time, so make sure that it looks perfect. If they don’t like the kitchen, they are very likely to move to the next property. You want to start with changing the taps and adding some durable countertops. You can also check the kitchen trends and make this room much more “instagrammable”, which is something that many tenants are looking for nowadays. See if you need to change your tiles or repaint the walls, and add appliances such as a good coffee maker.

Even though it might sound like a lot of work and investing, these small changes and renovations will definitely raise your rental income, or might even double it. Tenants love when things are new, so try to add new items as much as you can. Finally, work a bit on the exterior, add some plants and make your house much more welcoming. If you follow these tips, not only will you find your new tenants in no time, but you can actually make the most of your rental property!

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