Retail Store Design: Tips from the Fit Out Professionals

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If you are currently at the business plan stage of a new retail business, in-store layout and design is a critical aspect of creating the right shopping ambience. Fortunately, we’ve been able to study consumer behaviour and this empowers the best layouts, with the focus on prime merchandise and a warm and inviting ambience.

We talked with a leading Australian fit out contractor and they offered the following tips when designing a retail outlet.

  • Create a concept – This is the first step and with a firm like BTF Projects, you have the expertise of a retail design team to help you create something unique that ticks all the boxes in terms of the shopping experience. You might prefer to go monochrome, or futuristic; the fit out company can design your concept and with a team of fit out professionals, the perfect in-store layout awaits.
  • Wall stickers – Using laser printing tech, you can create full or half wall stickers and with a photoshop expert, you can create a mirage of images, making for a store focal point. There’s no limit to what can be achieved if you have the imagination and 3D computer programs can show you a store layout from every angle.
  • Use a single contractor – You don’t want to be dealing with plumbers, carpenters and electricians; rather call in a top fit out company, who can handle the entire project according to your timeline. You can’t afford to take any chances with your interior design and fit out – when on the fit out contractor’s website, take note of their client list, which should have a few names that you know. Simply put, they have the talent and resources to make it happen and the comprehensive service means you can focus on your business, knowing that the store fit out is in the best hands.
  • Consider the modular layout – There are many advantages to using a modular design; switching things around is easy, plus people have room to move around and with stand-alone units that are easily relocated, you can fine-tune your layout for maximum convenience. Consult with a leading Australian fit out team experienced with delivering on the needs of property investors and they can guide you through the design process, resulting in the perfect layout. Modular is the way to go with shelving, as you are not restricted in what you do; shoppers like change and switching things around is simple with inter-connectable units, racks and shelving. Here are a few things for a budding entrepreneur to consider.
  • Think shopper experience – See things from the consumer’s perspective and much like a website visitor expects to see a professional platform, your in-store layout should enhance the shopping experience. Are the aisles wide enough? Is there a place to sit? Does the big picture look balanced? The answers to these and other questions can help you to tweak the layout, creating the perfect in-store layout and décor, which will be constructed by a team of professionals. Retail materials need to be very durable and this should be taken into account when buying fixtures and fittings, which the fit out company would recommend.
  • Explore lighting scenarios – This is the best way to end up with ideal store illumination and using a range of LED colours, you can enhance the space, with spots to highlight prime merchandise. The fit out company can help you by showing many images of previous projects, with the focus on lighting, and let’s not forget dimmers all round to fine tune your lighting.
  • In-store signage – You need to think carefully about in-store signage, with directional signs close to the ceiling; there are free online resources to help you choose fonts and colours, which should be legible from any store location. There should be a noticeable contrast between text and background colour, for ease of reading. The fit out team has tons of hands-on experience regarding the placement of signage and can advise you accordingly. Here is some government advice about in-store retail settings, which might be useful.

The fit out contractor can work to the client’s budget and using a leading company ensures a smooth completion of the project, putting you in position for your grand launch. A one-stop service ensures that your store will be ready to open on the planned date and you can plan exciting activities, knowing the store will be ready.

Image Credits: Craig Lovelidge

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