Reviving The Romance: Distinctive Dating Destinations in North West England

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Dinner date? Done. Catching a movie at the cinema? Done. A picnic in the park? Done, and too many times. The list could go on endlessly naming all the standard (and mundane) date ideas you’ve done a million times and probably never really enjoy anyway. Keeping your love life fresh is a challenge everyone faces sometimes when searching for love, companionship or just some fun. Whether you’re married, in a steady relationship or still shopping the market, romances easily become stale if you aren’t actively working to spice things up. And, with the minimal time most people have to put any thought into making a date special, your dating destinations may become overdone and predictable. To keep things simple and interesting (nothing like a boring date to kill the mood), North West England offers some of the most unique spots that you’ve probably never thought of, all a day trip or so away.

A Secret Soiree

The Dirty Little Secret bar, hidden at first as a secret destination with key invitations around the city, opened in January 2018. This cosy nightlife hub is situated in Liverpool on Wood Street. The thrill is in the name, with the secretive atmosphere providing the perfect destination for an interesting date. Even though it’s a bar and you’re likely to spend the evening laughing over cocktails, the fresh take on this weekend pastime gives this date the energy it needs to be a great one.

Better Than A Happily Ever After

This unusual day trip makes for an adorable date for animal lovers and cute couples looking for something different. With the theme of love in the name, Alpacaly Ever After in Portinscale, Cumbria, is a charming choice for a date. You and your partner can walk alpacas across the beautiful Lingholm Estate while learning about each other and exposing your softer sides around the tame alpacas. One look at these cuties will be enough to convince you, and who knows, maybe you too will live alpacaly ever after.

Bonding Over The Beatles

The Beatles Story is a museum of the beloved group and their history at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The museum hosts tours and exhibitions about the history of the Beatles, with displays of mementoes, photographs and audio guides that narrate the group’s story.  Whether you’re both fans of these icons, or if one of you needs a bit of convincing, it’s a date destination rich in music culture bound to pique your interest.

Man and woman talking in a library

Literary Love Affair

An undeniable winner of a date for two cultured individuals is none other than a classy vintage library. Set in Manchester is the gem of John Rylands Library, a gothic architectural work that holds more than 4 million books. The library is located on the University of Manchester campus and is well suited for a chilly, rainy or sunny daytime date for avid readers and history lovers alike. Exploring the aisles and texts will refresh your brain and get the conversation flowing. You might have once thought that books were boring but just wait until your date’s intellectual side is revealed.

Keeping Up With Culture

While in Manchester, your cultural date can be extended with a visit to the Manchester Art Gallery. Established in 1823, this historic site complements any day trip with your partner. With over 25,000 artworks to marvel at and discuss, this one of many fantastic art galleries in Manchester will guarantee stimulating conversation topics and a wide range of works to analyse together. This date destination is the epitome of calm and creative, and will give you both the opportunity to bond over the artistic beauties of life. The advantage of a date like this one and visiting a library is that, if you haven’t been dating for very long, it’s a great time to give them an innocent intellectual and emotional test. And, if you have been together for some time, you will be able to find new connections together among the sites of the day.

Try Something Daring

Dating shouldn’t be all about looking perfect and keeping your composure. Sometimes, a little bit of brutal honesty among the romance can be good for your relationship. And, if figuring out dating in the North West of England wasn’t adventure enough, your region has some next level daring activities in store for you and your date. Indoor skydiving at iFLY in Stretford or Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster, and canoeing and kayaking in Keswick are only three of the adrenaline rush experiences North West England has to offer. If you’re brave enough, the thrill of the activity will keep your spirits up and set the mood of adventure that is necessary to keep the spark in your relationship alive. It will also give you an idea of your partner’s courage levels, which are always good to keep in mind.

Escaping In Nature

Day trips in the city are great for exploring new places but an outing in nature is the ultimate getaway from the norm. Even if you’re not much of a hiker, the Ingleton Waterfall trails in Carnforth, Lancashire, accommodate everyone looking for the serenity of nature. The area consists of various walking and hiking paths suited for a fresh spring or summer day, or even a chilly winter morning. Getting away from the city and into greener pastures with a beautiful view will allow both you and your date to relax while giving you something a bit different from the same old sites of pubs, restaurants and bars that you’re used to.

There are hundreds of similar gems hiding across the North West, waiting to be traversed by a couple looking for a romantic and unique date. Your dating life doesn’t have to get cold after a few of the same old spots. In fact, you should banish the idea of anything being the same or old. When you look a bit further than your hometown, consider worthy day-trip destinations and take the leap to do something different, you’ll find that, what once seemed dull and boring, now has exciting possibilities in store for your romantic life.

Image Credits: Pixabay, Unsplash

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