How to Save Your Money with Storage Systems

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Physical data storage is a huge challenge for many companies, especially ones with fewer resources. While cloud storage offers many benefits, companies with sensitive data may feel it is more appropriate to keep their data stored on physical systems that are present at their offices. In these instances, companies are faced with a significant upfront cost if they wish to purchase a quality and reliable storage setup. However, there are ways to save money on storage systems, and we will go through the best method now. Following this process will help ensure that your company is saving a significant amount of money on your storage system purchases.

Buy Refurbished

There is no need to buy a brand-new storage system when refurbished models can do the job equally well. Whether you are interested in purchasing disk arrays, expansions or drives, they are available refurbished through reputable retailers. You may click here to get a better idea of the retailers that offer storage systems from IBM and other major manufacturers.

Perks of Refurbished Systems

When you are purchasing refurbished systems from reputable sellers, you are getting a product that is lab tested, burned in for at least 72 hours, fully refurbished or reconditioned, and configured to your precise specifications. This is something that you cannot get if you are buying them from eBay or other online sources. Unless you have a background in refurbishing data storage systems, it is always best to go with a product that is certified refurbished.

The items will also come with a 90 day warranty, and they will include the original maintenance agreement with the manufacturer. And they come with every accessory that is needed to run them, such as data cables, power cords, manuals and more.

Maintenance Cost Comparisons

There is always the option of going directly to the manufacturer for refurbished items or maintenance. But dedicated companies offer an advantage of up to 40 percent in cost savings. In addition, the maintenance solutions are tailored to fit the budget of a small or mid-sized company, which is hugely beneficial when you are attempting to keep things tight from a budgetary standpoint.

If you are purchasing a refurbished storage solution, it is ideal to receive maintenance services from the same company. Why? Because they are the ones who refurbished and tested the system. If something goes wrong, they are in a better position to provide a solution. In addition, the top providers will offer a call home feature, which alerts the company’s support staff to any glitches or major errors within the system.

Finding the right data storage system is important for a company that wants to secure its IT setup. While other hardware will help your employees work and share information, a data storage solution means that every important document, idea and project is kept safe and secure. And thanks to refurbished data storage hardware, the price that you will pay for the system will be a lot lower than you were anticipating! It is a win-win situation for your company.


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