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Are you getting close to the end of your online health informatics degree program? Are you starting to look ahead to your future career? Because there is a good chance you’ll be dealing with the public, there may be times when there are language barriers. Even if you’re not working with the public, it may be that you are dealing with clients and companies that speak another language. This is exactly why this collection of top apps meant for translation can prove to be invaluable.

Many of these support a large variety of languages, which means just one app is often all you need. Let’s take a closer look.

Google Translate

When it comes to a user-friendly app that has really carved out a name for itself, Google Translate is top of the list. This one is found on desktop browsers, but you can also use it on your mobile device as an app. What makes this such an attractive option is the fact it supports more than 90 different languages. That is extremely high, and you won’t find that in all the translation apps.

You can type in a word or phrase, you can speak it, or even take a picture of a word(s). This is the kind of app that you start to use and wonder how you survived without it. One complaint is that some of the languages seem to be more accurate than others.


Here’s another popular translating app, especially with travelers. This app works by using your device’s phone to capture the text and then it will provide you with an English translation. This one will keep track of your translations for easy reference and it works offline. Unfortunately, it only supports three languages at this time, and the free version only gives you 10 translations per day. Still, that may be enough for your needs. Currently it supports Korean, Chinese, and Japanese with Spanish and French on the way.


This is another extremely popular app for translating. This is ideal for anyone looking for a simple, no fuss way to go about getting a phrase or word translated. You just type in what you want translated and poof, it’s done. You obviously choose the language pairing, and it even keeps a history of your translations so you can go back and take a look. The big downfall with this app is that you can’t input using voice recognition.

SMS Translator

If you’re looking for a free app for your Android device, the SMS Translator may be the way to go. This one is useful if you are having a text conversation with someone who speaks another language. You can compose your text, translate it to the desired language, and then send it to the recipient.

Wipe Out Language Barriers

As you finish up your online MSHI program it could be the perfect time to check out these and other apps that can help you where translating is concerned. Even if you don’t plan on using them in a work-setting, that graduation trip overseas that you’ve been planning could certainly use one of these handy apps!

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