Seven Mind-Blowing Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2019

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In the past decade, cosmetic treatments have become widely available to the general population. Gone are the days of a ‘nip tuck’ or boob job, saved only for the celebrity elite. Fast forward to today, and your grandma could be getting ‘blowtox’ instead of a purple rinse. Your dad could pop in for a post-work lip lift, rather than a couple of pints at the pub – and it’d take around the same amount of time.

You don’t have to be a cosmetic surgery addict be fascinated and amazed in equal parts by the wild, weird and just ‘wow’ offerings of today’s cosmetic surgery advances. Miracles of science are occurring every day and all in the name of looking and feeling fabulous.

These radical advances in technology have seen the rise of boutique private healthcare hospitals. Ones like Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford, offer premium cosmetic surgery services. With a team of highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic treatments have never been more accessible and affordable.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become commonplace, too. Cosmetic treatment methods are so sophisticated that they can now provide safer and less invasive alternatives to traditional surgeries. With technology advancing at an incredible rate, who knows what the future will bring. Here are our favourite trends for 2019.

1. 4D Body Mapping

2019 saw mindboggling advances in 4D technology introduced across UK clinics. This has taken what was already a huge advance with 3D consultations, to the next level of awesome. This means you can now see accurate PRE-results of your cosmetic procedure. So whether you’re in for a teeny bit of filler action or reconstructive breast surgery, you’ll know your results before going anywhere near a surgeon and gown. It’s a fantastic step forward for operations such as breast augmentation and reconstruction. It enables patients to choose implants to fit their body shape. It will also allow you to observe how your breasts will appear when reduced, lifted or reconstructed. It eliminates the anxiety linked to the wrong outcome for your body, and the subsequent shock and disappointment that could bring.

2. Blowtox

Blowtox – the name says it all. The procedure involves having Botox injected into the scalp. This blocks sweat glands, preventing your freshly blow-dried mane from running wild and curling post salon. If you fear the frizz, this is the treatment for you.

3. Labiaplasty

Oh, the Great Designer Vagina debate.  Should women feel pressure to have the ‘perfect’ vagina? Is there even such a thing? Has the porn industry thrown us all into a tizzy with unrealistic portrayals of our lovely lady parts?  Should we just chill, and leave our wonderous foo’s the heck alone?!

Labiaplasty, whether you’re into it or not, is on the rise. A big hitter for 2019, the treatment can be performed for comfort or aesthetic purposes. The process reshapes the labia, lessening its length. Also known as vulval surgery, surgeons aim to correct the shape of the labia minora and majora. It is the most commonly performed vaginal surgery, can be conducted under local anaesthesia and is a simple procedure. With a satisfaction rate of over 90%, it is perhaps no surprise that demand for this particular surgery has seen such a huge rise in demand across the western world.

4. The 3D Facelift

2019 has seen a massive rise in demand for micro-surgeries too. These procedures are a less invasive plastic surgery practice which result in minimal scarring. The steady rise and availability of these methods have opened up the surgery to a broader audience. Much of the fear surrounding invasive surgeries has dissipated, leaving a vast market for the micro-surgery industry.

So what the heck does a 3D facelift look like? Well, gone are the days of pinning your facial skin back, possibly resulting in you being cast as an extra from The Hills Have Eyes. The 3D facelift plumps the face by pulling internal tissues back onto the cheekbones. As we all know, as we age, facial tissue slips down the face like a pair of saggy old socks. This creates a wrinkled appearance. Surgeons performing these procedures make incisions by each ear to reach the inner facial tissue. The end result is a tight and youthful face, and the process could literally take YEARS off you. Be careful, your dog, or even family members might not recognise you.

5. Botox 2.0

This year has also seen the launch of ‘strategic Botox’. Bigger, better and even less detectable – it’s a more natural-looking new generation of Botox.

Basically the bigger, better and more badass sister of Botox 1.0. Thanks to a new E-type 2 toxin, the Botox that we know and love could be a thing of the past. Botox 2.0 lasts longer, and you need far less of it. An, the incredible longevity of the treatment means fewer visits to practitioners.

6. Ultrasonic Nose Jobs

‘Ultrasonic Nose Job’ has a certain sci-fi ring to it. This incredible advancement offers more accuracy and less damage. We’ve all witnessed, through social media or real life, the horror stories of traditional nose jobs. The post-surgery black eyes, the chiselling of the nasal bone. As Marlon Brando once said – “the horror, the horror”.

However, according to Professor Sforza, there’s now the assurance of a new, and far less traumatic, alternative. Known as ultrasonic rhino-sculpture, it promises precise results and quicker recoveries. The nose jobs of yesteryear involved chisel and filing of the nasal bone, which often resulted in tissue trauma. By utilising a probe-like device that emits ultrasonic energy, surgeons can accurately shape the nose and reduce the damage to soft tissues and cartilage.  This new and high-tech procedure is most suitable for eliminating unsightly nose bumps, for correcting a deviated septum and for narrowing the nasal bridge. The recovery time is around two weeks.

7. Lip Lifts

We’ve heard of facelifts, deadlifts and even stairlifts – but what about lip lifts? Up until now, when it came to achieving enhanced plumpy, squishy and more snoggable lips, fillers had been the number one way to go. Cue the timely arrival of The Lip Lift.  It’s a permanent procedure – done under local anaesthesia and in less than an hour. So, in the time it takes to do your weekly shop, you could have the lifted lips of your dreams. This operation shortens the philtrum. For those not in the knows – that’s the space between the bottom of the nose and top of the lips.  The procedure carves out a strip of skin below the nostrils and raises the lips’ edges. This adds more definition to your Cupid’s bow, as well as plumping the lips while maintaining a natural look.

Image Credits: Pau Rossell

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