Five New Beauty Trends Perfect for Longer Warmer Days This Year

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The dreariness of winter is finally behind us, and the countdown to summer is underway. From road trips to seaside stopovers, there’s so much to plan. However, to take a thing or two off your mind, we’ve delved into the forthcoming season’s beauty trends and selected the best.

Shimmer in the sunshine

Admittedly, matte has been at the forefront of many trends as of late, but glitter hasn’t let go of its grip on beauty just yet. In fact, it’s that alive and kicking that it’s now in the form of jewel and foil finishes, from hairstyles to eye makeup. We even spy sparkling lips in the runway, so you can bet that metallic lipstick is about to take off.

Bronzer was also a prominent feature, and is perfect for those longer, warmer days; placed along the cheekbones, it’s ideal for a sun-kissed glow. Sweep it on.

Heavy eye makeup

You can bet that colourful eye shadow is set to be a standout makeup trend of 2019’s spring/summer season. Rainbows of shades are set to brighten up the beauty industry this season, from block hot pinks to emerald green painted in abstract shapes. Be sure to get playful with your palette.

As well as colourful eye shadow, colourful wings are also taking flight this season. Makeup artists are certainly playing around with this concept, and it’s making for a unique eye look. Trying drawing wing-like eye shadow around the eyes with glittery eye shadow, or even use jewels, depending on your plans.

Polished skin

Highly polished skin can create a hyper-real glow. A simple dab of a cruelty free mineral foundation can make for a minimal beauty look with maximum radiance. The number one summer beauty trend of 2019 is all about glowing skin that shines beautifully in the season. A natural sheen can make a real difference – a beautiful and healthy look.

Red lipstickStatement lips

Even if you do opt for a soft, barely-there base for your makeup look, red lips are still very much suitable. Metallic gloss may have made a comeback for the season, but so have fierce red lips. Paired with a bare face, it can be the perfect complement to a natural look during a long summer’s day – and, when evening comes, it looks impressive paired with a hint of eye makeup. This year, red lips are velvety with a semi-matte tint, not to mention are ultra bright, so be brave and bold.

Heatwave beauty

Windswept hair makes a great finishing touch to the well-rested glow of many of the season’s other beauty trends, particularly that shower fresh look.

This is certainly one trend where beauty takes its cue from the weather. The lapping waves of surfer-girl hair mean that the beach beauty matches the weather. Also, it’s one trend that you won’t have to worry about constantly touching up during a long, humid day.

Embrace your natural hairstyle and enjoy the sun – focus on the notion of natural movement, whether you’re surfing or enjoying beach volleyball!

Image Credits: Manuela Nicoletti,

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