Why Shih Tzu Are Awesome First Dogs

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Finding the right dog to bond with is difficult; you have to consider whether they’re easily trained, high or low maintenance, whether you have enough space for them in your house or apartment, and many other things. If you’re a first time dog owner, you might be better off with a small dog so you’re not too easily overwhelmed by a dog that can overpower you. With that said, here are a few reasons why you should consider a Shih Tzu for your first dog.

They’re great company

The Shih Tzu was once the prized lap dog of Chinese emperors and is believed to have been bred to be a small replica of a lion. Shih Tzu are meant to be companion dogs, and they happily fulfil this purpose with people of all ages. These little dogs are devoted, loyal, and just want to spend time with the ones they love the most, preferably on their laps as this is where they are most comfortable.

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They look like teddy bears

Sometimes you just have a really bad day and all you want to do is cuddle up with someone who won’t judge you. Not only are Shih Tzu happy to curl up with you on the sofa while you unwind with Netflix, they are basically the walking, interactive teddy bear you always wanted as a child.

Shih Tzu with ball

They’re less prone to fleas

Long-haired dogs in general are less likely to have fleas than dogs with short hair. This is because fleas prefer a quick meal, but it’s easy for them to get lost in all the long hair before they reach their prize. This is not to say you should forgo dog flea treatment for your little Shih Tzu, but you can rest assured that they will be well protected. Additionally, Shih Tzu don’t shed as much as Huskies or other long-haired dogs. You just need to brush them every day and their fur will always be silky and shiny.

They’re low maintenance

One of the reasons most people avoid getting dogs is because they worry that their mostly sedentary lifestyle isn’t a good fit for a dog that needs a lot of exercise. However, Shih Tzu were bred to sit on laps and be carried by their owners, so they don’t need as much exercise as the average dog, so you can easily take that trip to go and learn SEO in Jaipur cheaply and leave your Shih Tzu with a friend or relative. Just five or ten minutes of walking around the block each day is plenty of exercise for these little guys. Shih Tzu also tend to have a calm and relaxed demeanour, because they weren’t bred to be aggressive hunters or guard dogs. They are patient and used to waiting and watching – and lying on a couch all day as you give them belly rubs. Though if you can’t tolerate the idea of leaving your furry friend alone for long, you could always have a look for website designers in Jaipur.
Shih Tzu running

They’re friendly

Shih Tzu love everyone they meet. You don’t have to worry about introducing them to your extended family or other dogs because they are always happy to meet new people. Shih Tzu usually enjoys canine playdates and can even make a good therapy dog.

Image Credits: Jim Winstead, Pixabay, Asesucontagion

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