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These days, a lot of our time is spent in the kitchen, making food. And if you are a working professional, then you probably don’t have much time to prepare food because you are too busy spending your time at the office. To make life easier, there are numerous kitchen appliances to to help you. With the growth of technology, there are so many new and modern kitchen appliances.

Kitchen appliances are becoming an essential part of cooking because they save people a lot of time. It means that there is not as much work to do by hand. The latest kitchen appliances that are making life simpler are Roti Maker, smart cookers, smart blenders, and smart coffee makers. Some of these appliances also can be controlled by a smartphone; such appliances are known as smart kitchen appliances. Let us discuss some of the appliances that making our lives easier:

Roti Maker by Rotimatic

Product Description

It is a next-gen invention. It was invented by a couple to make rotis or Indian flatbread. The product takes about a minute to make the roti. This product is available across the world. It has a simple design and is almost as big as a microwave. The user only needs to add water, oil, flour, and any other ingredients to one of the designated compartments. The user can select the kind of roti they like, presses the button, and the roti will be done within a minute.


The Roti Maker by Rotimatic features has ten powerful motors, 15 smart sensors and 300 parts. The result is a perfect roti every single time. The Roti Maker is powered with artificial intelligence, which makes the roti maker a smart appliance. When you connect it to the WiFi, it will upgrade itself to the latest software. The roti will be perfectly cooked from all sides and on the inside too. It features toasting plates to get the perfect roti.


  • It is a fully automatic Roti Maker.
  • It makes life easy by making your rotis.
  • There are smart control options that will upgrade to the latest software. Since it is powered with AI, it learns to make rotis continuously.


  • Rotis require a human touch which is lacking on this appliance.
  • The rotis become hard after a few after they’re made, and aren’t pleasant to eat later.

Check out full rotimatic reviews and upgrade your kitchen with this next generation robotic roti maker. It will make your life very easy and making roti will no longer be a tough task.

Behmor Brewer

Product Description

Behmor Brewer is a customizable temperature controlled coffee maker. you can control it with your smartphone. It is also compatible with Alexa, so you can give voice commands to make the perfect coffee.


You can give voice commands to start brewing your coffee. You can download the Behmor app from the app store to control the coffee maker and connect it to WiFi. You can pre-soak the coffee grounds and control the temperature as well. There is also pulsed water flow option to ensure that all the coffee grounds are fully saturated.


  • Smart controlled via Alexa.
  • You can change brewing times to get the desired coffee.
  • Once your coffee is brewed, you get a notification on your phone.


  • You cannot set timers to make coffee.
  • You cannot figure out the time remaining.

WeMo WiFi Enabled Crock-Pot

It is a state-of-art WiFi-enabled slow cooker that con be controlled using the mobile app.


  • You can cook dinner from anywhere and can even control the cooking time, the temperature, keep the warm mode on, or completely turn it off.
  • You also have the option to use the appliance without the app.
  • It features a polished stainless steel finish and is also very easy to wash.


  • You can schedule cooking at a particular time.
  • Users have an option to change the temperature and can adjust the cooking time.
  • The mobile application has a lot of features that allow you to make your choices.


  • The users cannot set up multi-stage sessions where the cooker changes the temperature at every stage.
  • Connecting to your phone can sometimes take a while, and WiFi may not connect you to the appliance.

NutriBullet Balance

This is a smart blender that lets you connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The app will track nutritional information for all your favourite smoothies once you manually update the list of items. It also has a built-in smart nutrient sensor that calculates the exact nutritional value. The NutriBullet Balance has a one year warranty.


  • It is a smart blender that lets you connect via Bluetooth, where you can set wellness goals, nutritional goals, and dietary goals. You can also select from 100s of recipes from the virtual assistant on the app.
  • You can also track the pantry and food items that are running out of stock at your home.
  • It can make a serving up to 7 glasses per smoothie.


  • You can make morning shakes quickly by referring to the virtual assistant.
  • You can track you calorie intake and nutritional value.
  • You can weigh the contents at a precise rate.


  • They do not have a big database of ingredients, so it is hard to calculate some of the nutritional values.
  • It makes loud noises if you add a heavy load and seeds.


These are the smart devices that most people enjoy using. They make life much simpler and faster. You can come home, relax and let the smart appliances do their job. You can track calorie intake, the quantity of food consumed, nutritional values, and can even make food just the way you like it.

Image Credits: Mark McCammon

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