Solomon of Storage – It’s Time to Throw Away Your Favourite Things

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If you have ever moved home after being in the same house for awhile, it’s easy to forget just how much we accumulate sometimes. It’s also very easy for a flood of emotional baggage to come back as we pack our belongings. Remembering where you bought things, the way you felt, not to mention the people you may have been with. Sometimes it can be tough to let go. But sometimes we need to do just that, learn to let go. Hoarding is not a habit you want to start. Instead, consider these tips to help you throw away some of your favourite things.

Keep it economical

When you are moving home, you’ll find the costs can very quickly add up. A lot of providers charge by the hour, so the more you have the more you pay. Despite being very proficient at their job, most movers in Sydney will still take a few more hours than necessary if you are hanging onto belongings you no longer need.

If you are struggling to get rid of some of your belongings, then consider it in economic terms. Use online calculators to work out how many boxes you can move in addition to the big ticket items like a fridge or washing machine. Once you have reached your budget, you’ll know how many boxes you are allowed. From there, start making the hard decisions and ditch the items you don’t really need. Making it a financial decision can be a powerful motivator to overcome those emotional attachments.

Take a minimalist approach

The minimalist movement is well and truly alive. If you aren’t familiar it is basically the concept of living with only the essential items you need to survive. That means holding onto those twelve decorative teapots, probably isn’t necessary. Even though it can be tough, try adopting a minimalist approach and asking yourself whether you really need all those belongings.

A minimalist approach can be whatever you want it to be, but the main aim is to declutter your life. Holding onto belongings just because they have made a move with you three or four time previous just isn’t necessary. Think about your life, your needs and take a hard stance on the items you really ‘need’ in your life. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, declutter and throw it away.

Do a good thing from a tough thing

Throwing your belongings away isn’t easy, so instead make it a rewarding experience. When you are decluttering or moving, grab a few boxes, a sharpie and mark them ‘donations’. Place all of the items you no longer really need and donate them to charity. Donating clothes, appliances and other items to those less fortunate can be extremely rewarding. There is no shortage of options either, even the local church or shelter would love to receive them. Sometimes we can heavily invest in our belongings emotionally, so knowing they will go to help someone in need can really make it easier to pass them on.

Apply the twelve month rule

This one is a really simple way to take all emotion out of decluttering. It works in a very simple fashion. If you haven’t used, worn or touched an item in the last twelve months, then you don’t need it. The rule applies to clothes, appliances, trinkets and pretty much anything you aren’t sure about. This simple rule helps take away any uncertainty or indecision. It is about being ruthless and giving yourself a clear line in the sand rule of when to throw things away. You will be amazed at just how many things you have, that you haven’t used in the last year.

Decluttering is sometimes hard, because we allow emotions to get the better of us. But when you compete a good declutter, it feels amazing. Not to mention it opens up opportunity to do good and help others. If you are having a tough time decluttering and throwing away some of your favourite things, then consider these tips to help you get started.

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