How to Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad

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Staying connected is a top priority in our everyday lives, you only have to look at some internet statistics to see that. When you’re traveling abroad, it becomes even more apparent just how much connection is needed. Luckily we’ve got advancing technology backing us up to keep us in touch and synced up to the rest of the world, wherever we are. And in the theme of exploration, there are different routes you can take in order to maintain smooth communications with friends and family. Here are just a few ways to stay connected when you travel across the globe.

Buy a local SIM card

SIM cards, small removable cards for your mobile devices that store customer information, come extremely handy during travels. When you visit a new country or are hopping around from country to country, buy a local SIM card to use at your disposable. There are a variety of options to choose from that can fit your communications needs. Options range from GO-SIM and WorldSIM to OneSimCard, all of which offer prepaid fixed calling and text rates and internet access. By prepaying for your roaming mobile services, you can quickly set up communication service in a different country and get on the move.

Get an international plan

If your phone doesn’t hold a SIM card or you prefer another option, you could alternatively get an international plan with your current carrier. Call your mobile service provider and check to see if you can get a temporary plan for when you’re traveling. If appropriate, you can also get a Europe UK Travel Sim Card. The benefit of using data services from the big carriers is their access to the fastest networks like Qualcomm’s recent 5G technology. The tech industry leader has been rolling out the integration of the fastest connection available to mobile users, thus those who have international data plans with 5G LTE are able to connect better and faster than ever.

Have hotspot attached to your hip

Hotspots are incredibly useful when you’re on the go and trying to ensure connection everywhere you go. For those who need to do work during travel, it’s crucial to have a reliable way to connect to the internet. Private hotspot devices like Hippocketwifi and Tep Wireless are tiny hotspot devices that fit in your pocket, where you can rent private Wi-Fi connection by the day. Before you head to your destination city, order the pocket Wi- Fi. It works all around Europe. Once you’re done with your travels, you simply return it for another traveler to rent.

Download a calling and messaging app

Aside from getting the supplementary technology to stay connected abroad, don’t forget that you have immediate access to calling and messaging apps right on your smart phone. Download applications like WhatsApp, WeChat or Skype to stay connected with your friends and family in the country you’re visiting as well as the ones at home. Most of these apps just need a Wi-Fi connection and allow you to message, make voice calls and video call others for free. Skype even allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi with using your Skype Credit.

Share your stories via social

Communications don’t need to stop at the literal level. You can communicate your journey and share travel stories to your general network through social media. There are so many platforms these days to choose from—pick your favorite. If you’ve captured some breathtaking views, try posting a few of those pictures to the Instagram. When you’re caught up in the moment and decide it’s worth a quick video to your friends back at home, Snapchat them! And when you want to share updates, Facebook and Twitter never fail to get the word out. There are so many possibilities and channels to connect with others. Although some friends may not be the ones you regularly call, they’ll likely appreciate seeing your travels on social media, feeling connected and updated on your life abroad.

It’s simple to stay connected when you travel abroad with advancing technologies today. The proper devices, network plan, app and social media can get you well on your way to communicating to others wherever you are in the world.

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