Suzuki GSX R600 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

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Finding the right parts and accessories for your bike can be a hassle, because each model has its own unique quirks. For example, if you’re getting dirt bike riding gear for the GSX R600, you will want the basic aftermarket performance mods like upgraded brakes and an opened up airbox, but you won’t have the same need for a water pump upgrade that someone who opted for Suzuki’s DR Z400 has to contend with. Instead, your bike has its own idiosyncrasies and high points that define what your must-have upgrades will be. Before digging into the performance add-ons, though, let’s cover the basics for first-time buyers.

Gear and Accessories for Street Riding

If you’re buying a DualSport, there’s a better than even chance it’s to take advantage of the option to ride on street with the same machine you use on the track. That means making sure you’ve made the rounds of safety and performance upgrades that are required to be street legal. If you bought the bike in this condition, you still need to know what parts were DOT-approved so you will know if your track upgrades will make the bike lose its DOT-approved configuration. In addition to the brakes, mirrors, and signals you need, you’ll also need safety gear like helmets and riding clothes that will protect you on the road and the track. Make sure you budget for these parts first, so you have your basic transportation covered.

Top Performance Upgrades for the GSX R600

As you are browsing Suzuki GSX R600 aftermarket parts and accessories, here are the ones with the most punch, as reported by many other riders. Individuals will always have their own top choices, but when you’re looking at the most popular, you’re going to want to pay attention to these upgrades. Even if you don’t make them, chances are good your competition will.

  • Sprocket upgrades for changing gearing to suit your riding situation
  • Aftermarket EFI performance upgrades
  • Tank grip
  • Upgrade to braided brake lines
  • Performance suspension with a full tuning session to make sure it suits your shape and style
  • Aftermarket exhaust
  • Air filter upgrades
  • Airbox modification

When you are shopping upgrades and thinking about what you’re doing next, you need to think about a couple of important factors that will help you make a better decision. For starters, as you ride, what do you notice that sticks out as annoying or troublesome? What do you find yourself working around? If you can identify aspects of performance or experience that you have the most issue with, you can figure out what to upgrade next for best results. The other thing is to remember to do your research. There are multiple performance changes that can enhance a rider’s experience for many of the upgrades, but not many aftermarket parts will offer them all. Figuring out your style is essential to choosing the right aftermarket parts.

Find Your Next Performance Upgrade

If you’re looking for great parts, shop where you already go for the widest selection of motorcycle casual wear online, and get your next order in one spot to simplify your experience by combining your apparel and equipment orders. Don’t forget to check often for deals, too. You never know when the upgrade you’ve been eyeing will go on sale.

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