How Technology Has Infiltrated Our Everyday Lives

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Most of us don’t stop to think about it but without technology we wouldn’t be living the lifestyles we have become so comfortable with. From the beds we sleep on to the televisions we watch and the appliances in our kitchens, advances in technology have made it possible to enjoy life in ways never even imagined in previous generations. Have you ever stopped to wonder how technology has entered your life in such a way as to make it almost impossible to imagine life without it?

Radio Waves Are Everywhere

It’s mindboggling to think that as you sit there you are being bombarded by radio waves that, of course, you can’t sense with the human body. From your neighbor’s remote controlled car to the television you are watching via satellite, radio waves are controlling literally hundreds of devices right there on your block. To get an idea of just how complex those radio waves can be click here. At your fingertips are literally hundreds of programs you can access via your satellite television that you control with a handheld remote device. Many of you may not remember a day before remote controls and digital satellite TV, but there was a time when the use of radio waves for things such as these would have been seen as science fiction.

Electromagnetism in Everyday Use

Every kid in school has studied electromagnetic fields in some way, shape or form but perhaps you have never stopped to think about all the more recent applications electromagnetism has. From your touchscreen laptop to your smartphone and microwave ovens, electromagnetism is used today to transfer information using your body to make a connection between two layers that are charged. This simple act of touching that digital display, touchscreen if you will, sends pulses to make something happen. We are constantly looking forward to the newest technological advance, and the majority of them are going to use electromagnetism in some way, shape or form. There was a lot of controversy over the new generation of mobile technology, 5G that has since been largely debunked. As such, people now use sites like to ensure their area is served. This is done either on a smartphone or a laptop, further proving the increasing use of electromagnetism in everyday life.

In the previous example, something was controlled remotely via radio waves but now that control comes about by forcing a connection between two charged layers, a physical connection to initiate the electromagnetic field.

RFID Just Coming Into Its Own

Not to sound like a Prepper, but RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Devices), are the up and coming method of identification that will soon make many forms obsolete. Presently, cities like New Orleans and Seattle use RFID in public libraries to identify patrons and books. And, what makes this type of chip head and heels above barcodes is that they can actually store a plethora of information, not just transmit it. Perhaps this is why Preppers are all prophesying that one day mankind will be implanted by a chip that makes tracking them possible. Why not? We use these tiny, tiny chips in our dogs to locate them if they should get lost. You would be amazed at how many applications around the home RFIDs could ultimately be used for.

So you see, technology really has infiltrated nearly everything in our lives from smart homes to simple remote controls and satellite TV. If you are trying to live a simple lifestyle with minimal use of technology, it probably isn’t possible. Technology is improving our quality of life and we look for even bigger and better things in the future to make our lives even easier yet.

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