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Technologically advanced restaurants are trending right now. Customers looking to dine-in aren’t just going to restaurants with the best food and fast service– today’s generation of foodies are searching for a restaurant that is as tech savvy as them.

Technology is taking off in the food industry, one restaurant at a time. As restaurants scramble to keep up with the competition and the interests of their customers, it can be hard to know which tech trend to follow. If you’re looking for the best software to enhance your restaurant, read on.

1. A Point of Sale System

A point of sale system or POS system allows restaurant owners to keep track of transactions and payments, as well as simplifying everyday business operations. In the hospitality industry, 81% of restaurant owners use some form of POS system.

In most of the restaurants that use a POS system, their software is integrated with tabletop tablets, allowing customers to order and pay entirely from their tables. Similarly, as guests order off the menu, the kitchen can keep track of their inventory. As the stock runs low, the POS system will notify restaurant owners that they are in need of a refill.

2. Loyalty Programs

Restaurants are vamping up their loyalty programs with the use of software like apps specifically designed for their loyal customers. A more innovative take on the tried and true loyalty punch cards, these virtual loyalty programs track customers’ behavior as well as collect data on the most popular products.

3. Email Service Providers

Email service providers work to send and manage your email marketing campaigns. These types of software allow you to use templates to send email blasts. The ESP works to track analytics of who opened the emails, what was clicked on, and more, allowing you to improve your email campaigns based on these metrics.

4. Handheld Entertainment

Who says that you can’t have electronics at the dinner table? Today’s restaurants are installing tablets at their booths and tables with the main purpose of keeping their guests entertained. With these tablets, guests can play trivia games and similar games to keep them entertained as they wait for their food.

Having tablets available for guests to use is a great way to keep younger children occupied. Oftentimes, families with smaller kids will come into a restaurant, only to leave with bored and disappointed children. These tablets help to keep children entertained while the rest of the family enjoys a night out.

5. Free Wi-Fi

Free wi-fi is always appreciated. Restaurants that offer free wi-fi are just adding one more incentive to ensure customers are having a good time. Customers hoping to use their phones throughout their meal will be happy to discover that their favorite restaurants have free wi-fi.

Restaurants aiming to be more innovative don’t have to do a complete technology overhaul. With a few changes here and there, restaurant owners can keep up with the times without breaking the bank. Use these five tips to help bring your business up to date with the latest trends in restaurant technology.

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