Temporary Space Solution for Allowing Social Distancing in UK Schools

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As schools in the UK plan to reopen this summer after the closure forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, they have to meet the set guidelines for maintaining social distancing among students and teachers. No school is an exception, starting from kindergarten schools to colleges and universities.

A minimum social distance of 1.5 meters is a global guideline set by health officials, and the UK government is ready to have all institutions comply. For schools to manage this, they need extra classrooms, offices, and libraries to mention a few.

According to Smart Space, a temporary space solution provider in the UK with years of experience, schools are lucky since these solutions are affordable and customizable. Here are the popular temporary structure solutions for schools and how they will help the schools to maintain social distance.

Temporary Offices

Teachers must ensure that social distancing is followed and should be the first examples. Again, they also need to remain safe as the COVID-19 pandemic does not spare anyone. Schools where teachers have been sharing offices will need temporary offices that can be provided by experts such as Smart Space. They have the option of choosing modular offices or customized structures that are assembled on the school grounds. It is up to the schools to choose the appropriate materials to suit their budgets.

Temporary Classrooms

The greatest concern of schools and the government is how the school will have extra classrooms to accommodate students now that desks should have a 1.5-meter distance between them. In some cases, the existing classrooms cannot be used when the entire class must be in one room.

Smart Space has a website with official resource showing schools how they can work together. Schools should contact Smart Space to discuss what they need. Smart Space offers a variety of customized solutions even to schools with limited space. Their expertise makes it possible to plan temporary classrooms that will fit in hidden corners of a school’s property.

But for those with enough space, modular classrooms could be the best solution; they can be finished quickly and affordably. Better still, they can be rented until the pandemic is over.

Temporary Halls

Schools will need temporary halls for studies, debates, and sports among other meetings. These must be large halls that will allow students to maintain social distance effectively. Hence, they must have strong stainless steel frames, appropriate covers, ventilation, and enough natural light. Again, a reputable temporary solution provider should be in a position to provide this.

Other Temporary Space Solutions

Students frequently use washrooms, and this could quickly create a crowded scenario in UK schools especially during break time. Adding more temporary washrooms, changing rooms, and such amenities could be a great idea. Furthermore, there should be expansions of the cafeteria, health care area, and any other school facility that will be used by children on a daily basis.


It is pretty clear that UK schools have ample solutions available when it comes to creating temporary spaces for social distancing. They should not forget to add extra hand-washing areas and develop learning schedules that will avoid breaching social distancing.

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